Why We Use Canvas Fabric For Beach Umbrella

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We choose canvas for beach umbrella. Fabric is an important part, Its quality determines the whole canopy, such as waterproof, UV protection, colorfastness, etc., does your supplier introduce the specifications of fabrics? which many customers will ignore. Will simply pursue the price without comprehensive consideration.
The fabrics used in beach umbrellas are usually Oxford, polyester, and canvas. We have introduced in another article,How to choose fabrics for beach umbrellas correctly?


The specifications usually use 300D and 450D, which have good sunshade, waterproof and corrosion resistance, as well as UV and wind resistance, and the price is relatively affordable.
300D Oxford: woven from yarn 300dx300d, it has the characteristics of soft feel, good firmness, crisp texture, a strong three-dimensional feeling, beauty, and durability. The price is also relatively affordable.
420D Oxford: woven from 420dx420d weft yarn. It is folding resistant, anti-aging, has high color fastness, has no fading and shrinkage, is waterproof, and is dustproof on both sides. It is suitable for making large umbrellas, tarpaulins, and tents. It is slightly stronger and wear-resistant than ordinary small umbrella fabrics. With an additional anti-splashing process, it is more suitable for outdoor articles such as tricycle sheds, tent fabrics, sunshades, and advertising umbrellas.
Another coated oxford cloth is also quite good because the silver-coated oxford cloth can reflect most of the ultraviolet rays, and also has the functions of rain protection and the above. Choosing whether the sunshade has strong UV resistance or not, mainly depends on the fabric. Oxford cloth and polyester cloth are better. The research shows that the fabric with a thick umbrella surface has better UV resistance and is more durable than that with a thin umbrella surface, and the darker the color of UV resistance, the better.


Polyester: high strength, impact strength 4 times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose fiber; The elasticity is good, and the elasticity is close to that of wool. When the elongation is 5% ~ 6%, it can be almost completely restored. Crease resistance is higher than other fibers, that is, the fabric does not wrinkle; Good dimensional stability, elasticity 2 ~ 3 times higher than nylon; Good heat resistance; Good water absorption; Good wear resistance, second only to nylon with the best wear resistance, better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers; Good light resistance, second only to acrylic fiber; Corrosion resistant, resistant to bleach, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, resistant to dilute alkali and mildew, but it can be decomposed by hot alkali; Poor staining.


The canvas can be polyester canvas, polyester-cotton canvas cotton canvas. The canvas fabric is compact and thick, feels thick and heavy, and has the characteristics of firmness and wear resistance. So we can use it outdoors for a long time. High density and good UV protection performance. The 300g polyester canvas we are using is added with waterproof and PU coating.

UV 50+ test report of canvas

Why do we use canvas for beach umbrella?

Frame and fabric are the body of the umbrella, and design is the soul. We have always advocated making premium beach umbrellas. Our high-quality materials are necessary. Canvas is our best choice.
Our polyester canvas is 300g, and the warp and weft are wound with double yarns, which increases the density and makes the fabric more firm and durable. With the addition of UPF, our test report shows that it can reach the highest level, UPF50 +, to protect your skin from UV damage. Waterproof and PU coating is necessary. For outdoor use, in addition to blocking the sun, it can also be used on rainy days.

canvas UPF test report

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