The Most Important 3 Points For Fringe Beach Parasol

beach parasol with tassels

Fringe beach parasols are very popular now. The unique tassel design makes it more outstanding. Maybe you just buy one for personal use, or add your own design to customize it for business. The following 4 points need you to know. They will make your choices clearer and avoid unnecessary losses.


The material is the body of the whole beach umbrella. The umbrella cover can provide shade, bring cool to people and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Umbrella frame and pole support the whole umbrella. Its firmness is very important. So when we choose beach umbrellas, we first need to confirm the high-quality materials.

1.1 Fabric

The commonly used fabrics on beach umbrellas are Oxford, polyester and canvas.For these three fabrics, canvas has the highest price and Oxford has the lowest price. If your budget is limited, it is recommended to choose polyester. Of course, if you want to get a high-quality beach umbrella, canvas is what you should choose.

Please make sure your fabric is waterproof and UV resistant. They can be certificates issued by professional testing units.
Here I will focus on uv-upf. The level we require is UPF50 +, which is the highest level.

Fabric has many physical parameters, such as spinning method, yarn thickness, fabric structure, warp and weft density, thickness, tightness and coverage, which have a certain impact on UV transmittance. With the increase of fabric density, the UV transmittance decreases; The UV transmittance of heavier fabrics is small; The fabric coverage increases and the ultraviolet transmittance decreases.
From the influence of these physical parameters on the UV radiation resistance of the fabric, it can be seen that when the fiber types of the fabric are the same, the change of physical parameters is mainly to change the reflection of the fabric to UV, so as to change the UV energy passing through the gap of the fabric. In this sense, the most direct physical parameter affecting the UV resistance of fabric should be the porosity and thickness of fabric, and the most direct physical parameter characterizing the porosity is the coverage of fabric. Therefore, a preliminary conclusion is drawn, that is, the coverage and thickness of fabric have the greatest impact on UV radiation protection. From the analysis of the experimental data, it can be seen that the UV coverage and transmittance change almost linearly. In addition, the correlation coefficient between fabric thickness and UV resistance is also relatively large. In other words, the changes of fabric coverage and thickness have the greatest impact on the UV transmittance of the fabric.
Does your supplier state the square weight or density of the fabric when quoting? This should be noted in procurement.

UV protection putdoor fabric

1.2 Frame

The umbrella frame is composed of ribs and pole. It is the support of the umbrella. So it needs to be strong.

Ribs can use iron and fiberglass.

Steel ribs are available in diameters of 3.0, 3.2, 3.8, 4.0 mm.
Fiberglass ribs come in diameters of 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 mm.

For the pole, although the most commonly used are metal and aluminum. We still recommend wood if you want a high-grade beach umbrella. The diameter of wood can be 28mm and 32mm. Beech is recommended, and it is certified by FSC. The wood surface needs to be smooth and coated with environmentally friendly wax. You need to pay attention to testing the moisture of wood to ensure that it is dry, high moisture and easy to mildew.


beach umbrella pole

1.3 Hinge

If your tassel beach umbrella is an advanced version with hinges. The hinge is the connection between the upper and lower parts of the umbrella, which will bear the weight of the whole upper part. Therefore, there are great requirements for its firmness. We strongly recommend that you use zinc alloy hinges. If you use plastic, please pay attention to the comparison below.

zinc alloy hinge for finged umbrella


If the umbrella frame is the body of the beach umbrella, then the design is the soul. A different design can make it more perfect. We recommend that guests use their own unique design.
Our regular styles are 2.2M, 2M and 1.8M. They will bring different shadow areas. You can also choose according to your budget. Of course, they are all high-quality.

2.1)2.2M – Retro Patio Umbrella

Size: Arc 220cm x8 ribs, 210cm diameter, family size, height 235cm,

Fabric: Premium poly canvas, poly-cotton canvas, RPET for option

Features: UPF50+, waterproof, PU coated

Frame: FSC Beechwood pole/reclaimed timber laminated bamboo pole for option, fiberglass ribs

Package: comes with a matching carry bag.

2.2)2M-Fringed Beach Parasol

Size: Arc 200cm x8 ribs, 180cm diameter, family size, height 230cm,

Fabric: Premium poly canvas, poly-cotton canvas, RPET for option

Features: UPF50+, waterproof, PU coated

Frame: FSC Beechwood pole, fiberglass ribs

Package: comes with a matching carry bag. 4pcs in a shipping carton.

2.3)1.8M-Portable Beach Umbrellas

Size: Arc 180cm x8 ribs or customized size

Fabric: canvas or customized material, pattern printed by digital

Frame: beech wood pole, 8pc fiberglass ribs 6.0mm

Package: Portable bag


For business, the cost we discuss here refers to the cost of purchasing umbrellas, transportation and import tariffs. That is, you get the final price of the umbrella. When many customers consider customizing our tassel umbrella, they will feel that the cost is high. Here we explain the factory cost. First of all, we need to locate this umbrella. If it is regarded as a high-quality product, we need high-quality materials, there is no doubt. Then the cost of the whole umbrella will increase. Of course, the price of the factory is also high. Any selling price is directly proportional to the cost.Do you think a zinc alloy hinge is the same as plastic?
We can provide other materials to reduce the whole cost. Of course, the quality of the umbrella will be reduced, which needs to match your market and your product line.

beach parasol with tassels

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