The 5 Custom Points For Fringed Beach Umbrellas

The fringed beach umbrella collection is the high-end product we are currently launching. In Australia, the US and European markets have received positive feedback. Especially the wooden fringed beach umbrellas.
B&R Umbrella is a professional umbrella manufacturer. This article will give a summary of this range of products. Hopefully giving you more clarity will help you with your purchases.


5 Points for Customizing Your Fringed Beach Umbrellas

Not everyone is born an artist, so you might not know where to start. These are the most important things to keep in mind. Knowing enough about these points, I think you’ll get a perfect product to match your brand and reduce your purchasing costs a lot.

1. Find the right size.

Making beach umbrellas, we have many sizes to choose from. But fringed beach umbrellas we also need to consider the cost, the larger the size, not only the fabric will increase but also the need for more tassels. So choosing the right size is one that needs to be decided before making. Usually, we offer Arc1.8m, Dia1.6m, and Arc2m, Dia1.8m in two sizes for our guests. These two specifications of beach umbrellas are technically and materially sophisticated and can reduce your unnecessary expenses.


2. Use the right umbrella fabric.

The fabric used in the umbrella will determine the durability and the amount of shade the umbrella will provide. It will have a big impact on the umbrella’s ability to shade the sun. For this reason, be sure to check the fabric of your fringed beach umbrella before you buy it. The three fabric choices you’ll typically encounter are.

– Polyester material. The polyester material not only blocks heat but is also mildew resistant, durable, and easy to clean. The polyester is wrinkle-resistant and has some elasticity that adds to the wind resistance of the umbrella. It can dry quickly, which is why it is one of the most common materials used in these umbrellas.

– Cotton. Cotton is a natural heat resistant material. That’s why it is the ideal material for this kind of umbrella. It is also affordable and very durable, which makes it a great choice for umbrella fabric.

– Canvas. The canvas material is not only flexible but also consists of a PVC coating. This coating makes it completely waterproof. In addition, the material used is hemp or cotton or linen. These materials are all very durable and resilient, which is why canvas is such a good choice.


How to choose umbrella fabric?

3. Choose the right umbrella frame.

Fringed beach umbrella frames are usually made of wood, fiberglass, and metals such as aluminum and steel.
Fiberglass and metal frames typically have more functionality than wood frames, which offer natural appeal.
If choosing a commercial beach umbrella, we recommend choosing the one with the fewest moving parts. umbrella
The following are the benefits of each material:

How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

  • Wood

    1.)Made of beech, teak, ash, or other hardwoods. The options are varied and close to nature.
    2.) pieces of rod, connected by metal part in the middle.
    3.)Not usually available in the tilt method

  • 4.)usually used only as a pole. and combined with other materials to form a frame. The price will be high and is an important material for premium fringed beach umbrellas.
wood opole
  • Fiberglass

    1.)Lightweight yet sturdy, It is an important material for the umbrella ribs.
    2.)Fiberglass ribs are recommended for especially windy conditions
    3.)Stronger than aluminum or wood (lasts 4-5x longer)

  • Aluminum

    1.)Extremely strong and durable, for the pole.
    2.)Lightweight and rust-proof, ideal for a small tasseled beach umbrella.
    3.)Tilting options
    4.)Widest selection for finishes

  • Steel

    1.)Sturdy and durable. Both the pole and the bone can be made of this material.
    2.)Affordable price.
    3.)Heavyweight, although the surface will be sprayed, over time it can easily be damaged and rust.
    4.)Titling option

4. Choose the right tassel

Many beach umbrellas come with draped edges. The formal tassels make the whole umbrella stand out. So the choice of its style has a big impact on the beach umbrella effect and price.

According to the material, it can be divided into 100% polyester, polyester cotton, and 100% cotton tassels. The tassels can be divided into 6cm, 9cm, 12cm, and 15cm tassels according to their length.

cotton tassels
polyester tassels

5.Design of the pattern. Decorative details

In addition to the usual vegan fabrics. We offer patterned digital printing customization services. Better match your brand.
A consistently designed backpack bag is standard on every beach umbrella. We also print logos or use unique processes such as woven mark and embroidery according to customer requirements.
A metal pair of buckles and elastic straps add a high-end touch to the entire tasseled beach umbrella, which is also our exclusive design service. Looking forward to more of your ideas as we make them happen together.


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