How to choose fabrics for beach umbrellas correctly.

vintage beach umbrella with tassels

How would you use a beach umbrella? I think most people will use it on the beach or in the yard, under the shade, and enjoy holiday time with their family. So can we think that the sunscreen effect of fabric for beach umbrellas is very important?


According to scientific research and analysis, there are three main types of anti-UV fabrics in the world, namely coatings, chemical fibers and pure cotton. The sun protection standard is specifically embodied as UPF (sun protection degree), which can generally be measured by a UV protection factor tester. . In addition, the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric mainly depends on the fabric structure (fabric coverage factor and thickness), fiber type, finishing and so on.

1. Fabric structure

Fabric has many physical parameters, such as spinning method, yarn thickness, fabric structure, warp and weft density, thickness, tightness and coverage, etc., which all have a certain effect on UV light transmittance. As the density of the fabric increases, the ultraviolet light transmittance decreases; the heavier fabric has a smaller ultraviolet light transmittance; the fabric coverage increases, and the ultraviolet light transmittance decreases.
It can be seen from the influence of these physical parameters on the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric that when the fiber types of the fabric are the same, the change of the physical parameters is mainly to change the reflection amount of the textile to ultraviolet light, thereby changing the energy of the ultraviolet light passing through the gap of the fabric. In this sense, the most direct physical parameter that affects the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric should be the porosity and thickness of the fabric, and the most direct physical parameter that characterizes the porosity is the coverage of the fabric, so a preliminary conclusion is drawn, that is, the fabric The coverage and thickness have the greatest impact on UV radiation protection. This conclusion can be seen from the analysis of experimental data, the coverage rate and the transmittance of ultraviolet light show almost linear changes. In addition, the correlation coefficient between the thickness and the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric is also relatively large. In other words, changes in fabric coverage and thickness have the greatest impact on the UV transmittance of the fabric.
Does your supplier state the square weight or density of the fabric when quoting it? This point needs to be paid attention to in procurement.

2. The composition of the fabric

Generally speaking, protein fibers such as wool and silk contain aromatic amino acids, and polyester molecules contain benzene rings. Their molecular activity is relatively large, and they have good absorption of ultraviolet light less than 300nm, and most polyester fibers are Contains matting agent, has high absorption rate for UVA (320-400nm) and UVB (290-320nm). However, cotton fibers and viscose fibers lack such active groups, so their ability to prevent ultraviolet radiation is low.

3. Fabric color

Dark>light>transparent. In the case of the same fabric, the darker the umbrella, the better the UVA effect. Generally, the darker umbrella cloth can block 95% of the UVA. However, the sun protection performance must first consider the fabric, except for the fabric to talk about color, it is all hooligans. 80% of the sun protection effect depends on the fabric, and the color does not account for much.

Anti-UV treatment method.

The sun-shading principle includes the UV shielding method with coating and the UV filtering method without coating

1.UV shielding

The coated umbrella uses UV blocking method (shading sunscreen), mainly black and silver coating. There are many applications of silver coating on beach umbrellas, but they tend to fall off over time, so they are usually cheap promotional beach umbrellas. The UV shielding method physically blocks the light source to achieve the principle of blocking ultraviolet rays. Basically, it is to cut off all light, so the quality of an anti-ultraviolet umbrella will be judged by opacity.

cheap beach umbrella with sliver coating

2.UV filter

The more advanced uncoated umbrellas rely on UV filtering. The UV filter method is to add sunscreen agents to the fabric, so that each yarn can fully absorb the sunscreen ingredients, and the sun and rain will not fall off for a long time to achieve the sunscreen effect. Will your supplier state their fabric UV50+ in the quotation?

beach umbrella cabana
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4 Importation Options For Windproof Beach Umbrella

striped beach umbrella sun protection

4 Importation Options For Windproof Beach Umbrella

Have you ever hoped that you have a beach umbrella that can stay in place when the wind blows?

Did you know that you can buy a windproof beach umbrella just for this purpose?

If you are looking for the best way to enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about your umbrella flying away in the first breeze, then stop reading this article!

Many customers often ask about UV and wind resistance when choosing which beach umbrella to purchase. We are a professional beach umbrella manufacturer. Below, we introduce the 5 most important points for windproof beach umbrellas for you to understand. You will definitely find a good product that will make you windproof and comfortable next time you go to the beach

windproof beach umbrella

1.Vented Canopy Design

A wind vent is a flap in the fabric of canopy, or top, of a beach umbrella, that allows for wind and heat to escape the top of the umbrella. There are two main reasons why this is important.

1.1 Stability. The exhaust vent allows wind and air to “exhaust” safely through the umbrella. If there is no tuyere, what you have is a very large and expensive kite. Imagine that your hand umbrella is in a strong wind. If you turn the umbrella in the wrong direction, it will not only turn inward, but it will fly away in nine or nine times, usually far away. However, due to the tuyere on our patio umbrella, both air and wind have a way to escape. You can let the air and wind have a way to escape without walking with the entire umbrella.

1.2 Comfort. As the heat rises, the patio umbrella will trap a lot of heat under the umbrella cover, just like a hot air balloon. The tuyere can let hot air leak out from the top of the umbrella, let cool air rush under the umbrella canopy, and cool the inside of the umbrella canopy. If there is no tuyere, you will stand under the hot stove. This is not the best place on a hot day, it completely kills the purpose of outdoor shade.

Therefore, the design of the exhaust vent is a must-have option for the windproof beach umbrella.

Large beach umbrella

2.Strong Umbrella Frame

The frame is the support for the entire beach umbrella. Therefore, the windproof performance of the beach umbrella is very important. In the previous article we also mentioned several combinations of beach umbrella frame.If you want to purchase high-grade beach umbrellas, we will recommend wooden pole + 8.0 fiberglass ribs; if you need to promotional beach umbrellas, we recommend steel pole + 4.5 steel ribs; if you want lightweight beach umbrellas, use 0.9 aluminum pole + 4.5 steel ribs.

3.Beach Umbrella Anchor

Usually the bottom of our beach umbrella will be equipped with a pointed tip, but it is not easy to deeply insert into the sand, which requires the help of beach umbrella anchor.These umbrella anchors provide the perfect solution to keep your beach umbrella firmly on the beach and resist strong winds. You can rest here, relax and enjoy the sea breeze. Some umbrella anchors are also suitable for parks and backyards.

Rio Brands White Sand Anchor

Rio Brands White Sand Anchor

Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor

Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor

Heavy Duty Pole Holder Anchor

Heavy Duty Pole Holder Anchor

4.Sandbag Design

In addition to beach anchors, we can also use beach bag designs. When the sandbags are filled with sand, we can use the straps on the sandbags to tie together with the beach umbrella for fixing. This sand bag is matched with the beach umbrella pattern, which makes the whole style very harmonious and beautiful. When the sandbag is not in use, we can also fold it in the carrybag, which is very easy to carry.

fringed beach umbrella with sand bag


Now that you have had the opportunity to read these windproof umbrellas, maybe you are ready to pick one immediately. However, if you are not emotional, remember how troublesome it is to deal with umbrellas that are not windproof. Think about how difficult it is to keep this umbrella upright when the wind blows, and remember how many times you have to chase the umbrella on the beach, when you just wanted to relax.

These are some pretty compelling reasons to choose a windproof umbrella! If you are ready to make your beach experience easier and more comfortable than ever, then choose your favorite from the umbrella list above Take one or several high-quality products home. You can’t go wrong with these umbrellas, so it all depends on which one suits your needs and tastes best.

Remember to clean and store your umbrella properly so that you can use it in the summer. When you get home, rinse your umbrella with a garden hose, let it dry, and store it away from direct sunlight until it is used again. Make sure to store it in any packaging that may come with it for best results. As long as it is properly maintained, your windshield will be with you for a long time to come. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will bring you professional answers.

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Everything You Need To Know About Promotional Beach Umbrella

cheap beach umbrella

Everything You Need To Know About Promotional Beach Umbrella

A day at the beach is a holiday fantasy that many beach walkers look forward to. You can add to your customers’ beach fantasies by handing them a durable promotional beach umbrella. Even on vacation, they will remember you. Logo printed beach umbrellas not only provide more space to imprint your brand message, they also cover your head nicely. This type of branded umbrella will not only make people think highly of you, but it will also make them loyal customers.

A portable, custom printed beach umbrella is a must for everyone who loves to surf. It is a must-have accessory for resorts, hotels and outdoor dining establishments trying to attract customers. Advertising beach umbrellas that offer coverage on bad rainy and sunny days is always an advantage for those who love beach sports.

What is a Promotional Beach Umbrella?

Promotional beach umbrellas are one of the beach umbrella categories. These umbrellas are large enough and range from 6 feet to 13 feet in dimensions.Used in promotional campaigns, advertising marketing. This product is chosen for many large promotional events, and in addition to shading, the large umbrella canopy with a logo and advertising text makes a good advertising effect.

They are collapsible, making it easy for you to put them on the roof or in the trunk of your car. It can be easily opened and secured to the umbrella stand when you need it for an event. Before you rush to buy, it is necessary to look at the types and sizes available. We’ll highlight these below.

Types & Size of Beach Umbrella:


The size of this type of umbrella varies depending on the type. The ideal size is about 6 feet to 7 feet in diameter. These days, however, there are larger umbrellas, up to 9 feet in diameter. It’s even great when you choose a UV resistant umbrella because it needs to provide you with a lot of shade. The picture below will show you clearly.

beach umbrella size


1.UV-Protection beach umbrella

This premium UV-proof large sunshade offers the highest sun protection and quality of all UV-proof beach umbrellas on the market. This beach umbrella has a UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) rating of 55+ and can block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays (A, B, C). This beach umbrella adds the strength and durability of fiberglass ribs while maintaining a breathable mesh system. This design allows the wind to travel between the upper and lower surfaces of the umbrella, keeping it cool while providing optimal ventilation and stability. This is important in outdoor promotions.

uv beach umbrella

2.Small lightweight promotional beach umbrella

This is a very lightweight beach umbrella. The size is Arc180cm, Dia160cm. aluminum rod + wire bone gives it a lighter weight. Folds up and is easy to carry, perfect for small promotional events. Polyester is usually used for the fabric. This would be a great option for clients who are not on a great budget.

cheap beach umbrella

3.Extra large market beach umbrella

Many of the promotions are on a larger scale. This requires large size promotional umbrellas for advertising. This promotional umbrella has an extra large lid, your logo and branding will stand out in the crowd, it is Arc2.4M, Dia2.2M in size, and the frame is double-decker, which is much stronger than a regular beach umbrella. It will also be very smooth in high winds.

beach market umbrella

Promotional Beach umbrella fabric types:

The fabric used in the umbrella will determine the durability and the amount of shade the umbrella will provide. It will have a big impact on the umbrella’s ability to shade the sun. For this reason, be sure to check the fabric of your beach umbrella before you buy it. With a promotional budget in mind, we recommend the following fabrics.

– 1、Polyester material. The polyester material not only blocks heat, but is also mildew resistant, durable and easy to clean. The polyester is wrinkle resistant and has some elasticity that adds to the wind resistance of the umbrella. It can dry quickly, which is why it is one of the most common materials used in these umbrellas.

– 2、Oxford fabric. The Oxford fabric is very strong and hard wearing. Ideal for outdoor umbrellas. Oxfords with a silver coating have good sun protection, which is what we recommend. The prices are very affordable and will fit your budget perfectly.

In addition to the type of fabric, thickness also matters. It ranges in thickness from 75D to 300D. The thicker the material, the heavier it is. However, the thicker the fabric, the more sun protection it can provide you. You have to strike a balance between portability, thickness and sun protection. When you choose the appropriate sunshade, you can easily get the best sun protection.

Print Model For Promotional Beach Umbrella

Now that everyone is familiar with the types and construction of beach umbrellas, it’s time to learn about beach umbrella prints. The prints on umbrellas tend to be quite bright and eye-catching. Usually we can choose between screen printing and digital printing.

1.Screen printing .Screen printing is a printing technique in which the ink is transferred to the substrate using a mesh, but is printed on a screen where it is impervious to ink.

You can print on plastic, clothing, metal and many other materials. The open area of the mesh formed by the stencil allows the ink to be transferred into a clear image. There are many advantages to using screen printing.

1.1 Inexpensive and a good choice for promotional products.

1.2 Good print thickness for a clear logo.

1.3 Good light resistance. Using this method can be used for outdoor products such as umbrellas.

1.4 Able to print large areas, up to 3-4 meters.

2.Digital printing.This type of printing is done by transferring the desired pattern to the substrate via heat. First, the printing press is heated to a certain temperature and then pressed against the umbrella for a certain amount of time with considerable pressure. Then simply release it and your printing is done! There are many advantages to this type of printing.

2.1 Digital printing can significantly reduce setup time. The only major issue is its cost, as it is not economical compared to other printing methods.
2.2 Very suitable for printing with richly coloured patterns.
2.3 In larger quantities, it is more cost-effective than screen printing.
2.4 You will notice that the pattern of the screenprint comes off after a period of time, but the digital print will be more persistent.

So, if you’ve been overwhelmed by the plethora of beach umbrella options, you can go through our guide above to pick the right one. We at BRumbrella provide you with all these umbrella designs and color options to specify the right umbrella scheme for you. Once you have selected the same umbrella, you can send us a message to order it.

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Guide for the best beach umbrella with wooden pole

luxury beach outdoor umbrella with tassels

A guide to the best beach umbrella with wooden pole:

There is a wide variety of beach umbrellas on the market. You can have a great range of options. The distinction by pole material is usually iron, aluminum, and wood beach umbrellas.

The wooden beach umbrella is just one of the specially designed sunshades. The wooden pole umbrella is the perfect classic and premium beach umbrella.

These umbrellas are undoubtedly durable and rust-resistant qualities, and wood products always have a natural affinity, which may prove to be the key to the best sunshades.

These umbrellas are relatively stronger compared to aluminum or steel pole umbrellas. While the strength advantage comes at a cost, it also comes at a price – a heavy footprint. Prices are also generally higher than other varieties.

Also, don’t expect this umbrella to have a tilt mechanism on it as well as a built-in fixing mechanism.

With that said, if you want to watch your little ones jump around and get drenched in the ocean on a hot afternoon, read on to find the perfect umbrella for the beach.

Who Needs the Wooden Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrellas can be planned for outdoor dining or casual personal needs. Of course at the beach, when the sun was blazing hot.
Usually, wooden beach umbrellas will cost more than other styles. We would recommend it to buyers on a budget. Hotels, resorts are also very suitable for placement, compared to patio umbrellas will be smaller in size, but more advantages are reflected in the pattern customization, can match perfectly with the surrounding environment.

The umbrella is very much flexible. If you can add a pop of color, definitely, a nice façade is created and you also are treated to the cool experience of a breezy heat.

Best Beach Umbrellas With Wood Pole

1.   Arc 180cm. Fiberglass Ribs Grade Beach Umbrella Ash Wood Pole

This is a lightweight in the Wooden Beach series. But not at all compromising its durability and protection, it’s the perfect umbrella for beach lovers.

The 28mm diameter wooden umbrella pole is light and easy to carry around, but you won’t underestimate its ability in the wind. It stands firm and sturdy and doesn’t get blown all over the place by the constant breeze.

In order to install it safely, you must get reliable sand anchors to lock it in place. You don’t want this accessory to fly away with the wind.

230G polyester fabric up to UV50+, which is one of the best long-lasting solutions to withstand the heat of the sun. This umbrella is built to last because of its sturdy construction.

180cm wooden beach umbrella

1. Arc 200cm. Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

The Arc200CM has more shade area than the 180cm umbrella, which makes it more suitable for family gatherings.

This umbrella is available in Beach Ball, Pacific Blue/White Stripe, Forest Green/White Stripe and Pacific Blue in four colors. In addition, we also offer customization of patterns. Bring your design to perfection with an umbrella.

The 8.0mm white fiberglass bone is extremely tough and strong. Effective in enhancing beach umbrella protection.

The fabric can be canvas or 230G polyester, which are treated to a UPF of 50+, giving you the ultimate in sun protection.

You won’t have to bother installing this accessory. The installation process is simple, with a simple push up motion the umbrella will open the lid and be ready for you to relax in the cool shade of the trees.

wood beach umbrella

3.Tassels Beach Umbrella With Beech Wood Pole

When the wooden beach umbrella came with a cotton tassel, another luxury beach umbrella was created. The tassels can be either polyester or pure cotton, of course, the price of pure cotton will be higher. Lengths can be 10cm, 12cm and 15cm.

This beach umbrella is our best seller and trusts me this sunshade is the best choice for you.

It’s quite nice to see that the polyester cover in blue fabric. But it also does a great job of reflecting the sun’s hot, harmful rays.

In technical terms, this fabric has UPF protection technology. This protection is the key to keeping you away from UV rays.

The wooden umbrella pole is beech wood, polished and oiled with wood wax to give it an extra shine. It’s sturdy enough to hold the entire umbrella securely.

luxury beach outdoor umbrella with tassels

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Beach Umbrella.

This criteria for finding the perfect wooden beach umbrella should help you find the perfect wooden beach umbrella for your next beach trip.

1.Sun protection function of  Sun Umbrella

You’ll need a beach umbrella with wooden poles to pass through to shield you from the scorching heat of the sun. As you probably know, the sun can become unbearable as the day moves into the later part of the year.

Therefore, the umbrella has to block out all this sunlight – and the UV rays of another person’s injury. The sun protection of an umbrella depends on the choice of fabric. Usually, we would recommend using treated polyester fabric. UPF50+.

2. Sturdiness of the Sun Beach Umbrella

You need a sturdy and durable beach umbrella, that makes no mistake. It doesn’t fall down when the wind blows. Much of this is determined by the umbrella holder.
Usually, the umbrella frame is made of steel or fiberglass. We prefer fiberglass, a more resilient material, and you won’t have to worry about it rusting in a humid environment like the beachside.

3. Selection of wooden pole material

The material of the pole is also the species of wood. This determines its price and quality. There are many species of ash, ash, poplar, beech, etc. currently available in the market.
So during the process of ordering a wooden beach umbrella, it is necessary to communicate well with the beach umbrella manufacturer and this will avoid a lot of trouble.
Many of our wooden beach umbrellas are made from beech wood. And is polished and coated with wood wax oil. The entire rod is shinier and more resistant to corrosion.

In Conclusion

Now, if you’re looking for a new wooden pole beach umbrella. With the buying guide above, I hope your decision making will be very easy. Make sure you look at key features such as the height and weight of the umbrella, its durability, and the protection of a person from the sun.

Of course, you can contact us for more details about wooden beach umbrellas. We are professional beach umbrella manufacturers, offering design and customization.

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The 5 Custom Points For Fringed Beach Umbrellas

tassel beach umbrella

The 5 Custom Points For Fringed Beach Umbrellas

The fringed beach umbrella collection is the high-end product we are currently launching. In Australia, the US and European markets have received positive feedback. Especially the wooden fringed beach umbrellas.
B&R Umbrella is a professional umbrella manufacturer. This article will give a summary of this range of products. Hopefully giving you more clarity will help you with your purchases.

fringed beach umbrella

5 Points for Customizing Your Fringed Beach Umbrellas

Not everyone is born an artist, so you might not know where to start. These are the most important things to keep in mind. Knowing enough about these points, I think you’ll get a perfect product to match your brand and reduce your purchasing costs a lot.

1. Find the right size.

Making beach umbrellas, we have many sizes to choose from. But fringed beach umbrellas we also need to consider the cost, the larger the size, not only the fabric will increase but also the need for more tassels. So choosing the right size is one that needs to be decided before making. Usually, we offer Arc1.8m, Dia1.6m, and Arc2m, Dia1.8m in two sizes for our guests. These two specifications of beach umbrellas are technically and materially sophisticated and can reduce your unnecessary expenses.


2. Use the right umbrella fabric.

The fabric used in the umbrella will determine the durability and the amount of shade the umbrella will provide. It will have a big impact on the umbrella’s ability to shade the sun. For this reason, be sure to check the fabric of your fringed beach umbrella before you buy it. The three fabric choices you’ll typically encounter are.

– Polyester material. The polyester material not only blocks heat but is also mildew resistant, durable, and easy to clean. The polyester is wrinkle-resistant and has some elasticity that adds to the wind resistance of the umbrella. It can dry quickly, which is why it is one of the most common materials used in these umbrellas.

– Cotton. Cotton is a natural heat resistant material. That’s why it is the ideal material for this kind of umbrella. It is also affordable and very durable, which makes it a great choice for umbrella fabric.

– Canvas. The canvas material is not only flexible but also consists of a PVC coating. This coating makes it completely waterproof. In addition, the material used is hemp or cotton or linen. These materials are all very durable and resilient, which is why canvas is such a good choice.


How to choose umbrella fabric?

3. Choose the right umbrella frame.

Fringed beach umbrella frames are usually made of wood, fiberglass, and metals such as aluminum and steel.
Fiberglass and metal frames typically have more functionality than wood frames, which offer natural appeal.
If choosing a commercial beach umbrella, we recommend choosing the one with the fewest moving parts. umbrella
The following are the benefits of each material:

How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

  • Wood

    1.)Made of beech, teak, ash, or other hardwoods. The options are varied and close to nature.
    2.) pieces of rod, connected by metal part in the middle.
    3.)Not usually available in the tilt method

  • 4.)usually used only as a pole. and combined with other materials to form a frame. The price will be high and is an important material for premium fringed beach umbrellas.
wood opole
  • Fiberglass

    1.)Lightweight yet sturdy, It is an important material for the umbrella ribs.
    2.)Fiberglass ribs are recommended for especially windy conditions
    3.)Stronger than aluminum or wood (lasts 4-5x longer)

  • Aluminum

    1.)Extremely strong and durable, for the pole.
    2.)Lightweight and rust-proof, ideal for a small tasseled beach umbrella.
    3.)Tilting options
    4.)Widest selection for finishes

  • Steel

    1.)Sturdy and durable. Both the pole and the bone can be made of this material.
    2.)Affordable price.
    3.)Heavyweight, although the surface will be sprayed, over time it can easily be damaged and rust.
    4.)Titling option

4. Choose the right tassel

Many beach umbrellas come with draped edges. The formal tassels make the whole umbrella stand out. So the choice of its style has a big impact on the beach umbrella effect and price.

According to the material, it can be divided into 100% polyester, polyester cotton, and 100% cotton tassels. The tassels can be divided into 6cm, 9cm, 12cm, and 15cm tassels according to their length.

cotton tassels
polyester tassels

5.Design of the pattern. Decorative details

In addition to the usual vegan fabrics. We offer patterned digital printing customization services. Better match your brand.
A consistently designed backpack bag is standard on every beach umbrella. We also print logos or use unique processes such as woven mark and embroidery according to customer requirements.
A metal pair of buckles and elastic straps add a high-end touch to the entire tasseled beach umbrella, which is also our exclusive design service. Looking forward to more of your ideas as we make them happen together.

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The 6 Best Sun Beach Umbrella of 2020

2 fold portable beach umbrella

The 6 Best Sun Beach Umbrella of 2020

In the summer, everyone is looking forward to that long-awaited week of vacation. There’s no better time to get a few days off, get out on the beach, in the sun, and enjoy a relaxing day without having to deal with the hectic city life. People usually will pick a beach umbrella to put on the beach, or an outdoor umbrella to put on the patio, enjoy the holiday. Many individual consumers will choose to go to Amazon and buy. However, retailers suggest the option of sourcing directly from the umbrella factory to save even more money.

We found the best beach umbrellas from models we love, styles with exciting features, or picks with rave reviews. Different sizes will bring different shade. The fabric is UV resistant to varying degrees. Stylish designs will have different aesthetics. Before purchasing, look for these features that set the best beach umbrellas apart:

high quality umbrella

Types of Beach Umbrellas

When it comes to determining the type of beach umbrella, then there are several types, but they are all valid. Many guests, especially brand owners, opt for custom designs. Own your style. Here are 6 beach umbrellas that we think are the best.

1.Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

With the changing direction of the sun, this umbrella can be tilted at the top, allowing you to stay perfectly in the shade all day without having to move the entire umbrella. The umbrella holder is wire bone and aluminum rod, the whole umbrella is lightweight and has matching backpack pockets for easy carrying. Taking a vacation to a distant beach is a very good option. There is an attached sand screw at the bottom for easy setup.

Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

2.Portable Beach Umbrella

Many beach umbrellas need to be moved. People usually take them on vacation to places nearby or further afield. So light and easy to carry is a very important point. This beach umbrella differs from the regular 2 poles in that it is composed of 3 poles. It’s smaller than normal when broken down. We also call it the 3-fold beach umbrella.

3 fold portable beach umbrella

3.Double Layer Beach Umbrella

Usually, the beach umbrellas we see are single ply fabric, this one has double canopies. So we can see that the outer layer is plain color and the inner layer is digitally printed. This is a very unique design. You can print any pattern you want.

commercial beach parasol with custom printing

4.Rectangular Beach Umbrella

Similar to a patio umbrella, the rectangular lid has more shade. The rectangular beach umbrella is more portable and portable. For use in patio scenes, we can use Oxford fabric with silver gum, durable and affordable.

Rectangular Beach Umbrella

5.Premium Wooden Beach Umbrella

In making our beach umbrellas, we chose iron and aluminum, in addition to wood. Wooden pole beach umbrellas are natural. It is a specially designed sunshade. The wooden pole umbrella is the classic version of the perfect beach umbrella.
These umbrellas are undoubtedly durable and rust-resistant qualities, which may prove to be the key to the best sunshades.
These umbrellas are relatively stronger compared to aluminum or steel pole umbrellas. While the strength advantage comes at a cost, it also comes at a price – a heavy footprint.

premium wooden pole beach umbrella

6.Tassel Beach Umbrella

This tassel beach umbrella is very versatile, the 15cm long cotton tassel is very beautiful, with a wooden pole that is a high-end product. The style and construction meet the high standards of the past.

Our premium umbrellas are larger than holiday umbrellas and can be used temporarily at the beach and on the deck. High-density polyester has a UV, mildew, and water repellent treatment that holiday umbrellas don’t have, which helps keep the color in shape. The hardware is made of polished marine-grade aluminum parts for durability and sun protection.

luxury beach outdoor umbrella with tassels

Important Things to Consider When Buying A Beach Umbrella

here are many different umbrellas to choose from. Even those brands that are not specifically used as beach umbrellas can work well. We’ve managed to pick a few good value umbrellas, but it’s important to compare them because they’re not all the same. Here are some important features to note.

1.Size. The size of umbrellas varies greatly. Be careful to compare different sizes, some models may be too small for two people to use.

beach umbrella size

2.Frame: umbrella frames are usually made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Fiberglass will be used for the umbrella ribs. Depending on these materials we can combine them into umbrella frames for different prices and purposes. For example, steel pole + steel ribs, steel pole + fiberglass ribs, aluminum pole + steel ribs, aluminum pole + fiberglass ribs, wood pole + fiberglass ribs. These we will reflect on the quotation and samples. More details can also be found in our other article:

How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

3.Fabric: the regular fabrics on the beach umbrella are oxford, polyester, canvas. Oxford fabric is relatively inexpensive and will be used more for promotional beach umbrellas. The Oxford fabric with silver coating has good sun protection. Polyester is usually used in 180G, 200G, 230G. Of course, the higher the weight, the higher the price. The canvas will come in polyester and pure cotton. Relative to polyester-cotton will be much more affordable.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

4. Tilt system: This is an optional feature and not all umbrellas have it. However, umbrellas with a slant can be adjusted in the direction of the sun without the need to adjust the position of the umbrella, which is very convenient. It is worth noting that these umbrellas are not as sturdy as those without the tilt system.

5. Vented design: vented design is very useful in windy days, many large beach umbrellas will have a breathable design, the windproof effect is very good. But if the weather isn’t ideal, not everyone wants to go to the beach. It can be useful, but not a necessary thing.

6. Carry bag included: Basically all beach umbrellas will be configured with a backpack bag. This is very necessary for carrying on the go. Usually, our customers also print logos on their backpacks for a better branding effect.



When you purchase such a remarkable find, you will want to have some features that can take you off the edge.

So, if you want a beach umbrella, you can have some fun on the beach while not being affected by the sun’s rays. This article has details to give you a better understanding of our products. You can also contact us for more designs and styles. B&R umbrella, professionally customized.

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How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

beach umbrella frame

How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

The umbrella frame is an important support part, the material, and firmness of which determines the beach umbrella use. Many customers ask many questions about it when purchasing beach umbrellas. Today we share the following knowledge. I hope it helps.

What are the parts of a frame?

When you’re researching outdoor umbrellas and comparing different brands and models, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the various components and options. Buyers should utilize the table below to identify common frame parts and learn their functions.

beach umbrella frame


For traditional market-style umbrellas, the primary support for the top is a vertical pole or rod. They come in various widths and are usually divided into two parts to simplify transport and storage. Single pieces and thicker poles are more resilient in high wind conditions. Conventional rods are 32mm and 28mm in diameter.We can also add a metal tilt to make the beach umbrella for more shade.


The slender pieces that allow the sunshade to retain its shape and keep the visor in the open position are called ribs or pillars. There are two types of ribs.
Main ribs(long ribs) – fixed to the top of the umbrella frame and extending from the central axis below the outer edge of the awning
Support ribs(short ribs) – attached to the lower side of the main rib for easy opening and closing of the canopy

Steel ribs are available in diameters of 3.0, 3.2, 3.8, 4.0 mm.
Fiberglass ribs come in diameters of 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 mm.


A ring device that works in conjunction with a rib is called a hub. There are two types of hubs.
Top wheel – located at the top of the bar, this wheel holds the main ribs in place
Run wheel – located at the lower end of the bar, this wheel is attached to the support rib and slides up and down to open and close the canopy

The hub and the ribs will be strung together by steel wire.

What pole or frame material should I use?

Choosing materials for your umbrella holder is actually about determining your priorities. Do you want a stylish look? Are you most concerned about the durability in wet or windy conditions? Heck, you might just want to help your favorite top fabric really “pop”. The four main materials that make up the umbrella pole and frame are wood, aluminum, metal, and fiberglass. Each material has its own advantages and characteristics, so you must decide which one is best for your needs.



Wooden umbrellas have a classic, timeless charm. Their natural, sophisticated appearance is best expressed in lush green surroundings. In beach umbrellas wood is usually used to make poles, the most common hardwoods are beech, poplar, and ash. However, these expensive raw materials add to the cost. The wood is treated with wax oil to resist insects, rot, and weather damage, but it does fade after prolonged exposure to sun and rain. In addition, wood poles are not as durable as fiberglass and are heavier than aluminum and iron. If you’re sure you absolutely must have the wood look, many manufacturers will offer faux wood finishes on their metal or fiberglass models.


Aluminum is an inexpensive alloy that is lightweight and ideal for outdoor shade. Most aluminum will be powder coated or anodized to resist corrosion and other signs of wear. Like wood, it’s usually used as a pole. Because neither material can achieve the toughness of fiberglass and metal steel.

beach umbrella pole


Framing material – fiberglass is one of the most durable on the market. Fiberglass is light in weight, strong and much softer than wood or aluminum. This flexibility allows it to bend without breaking even in the worst of storms. It has a good application on the umbrella ribs. In addition, fiberglass will not rust or rot, so it will perform well even in wet conditions. Fiberglass umbrellas are available in a variety of colors to help them blend into any outdoor color palette.

Fiberglass frame


Metal steel framed outdoor umbrellas are one of the most common in the market. Good weight bearing and cheap. Able to be used as poles and bones, usually promotional beach umbrellas will choose to use metal for their frames. If you’re on a budget, I think this would be a great option.

metal frame

Additional Features


A tilt feature can also be added to the pole, allowing you to tilt the canopy shade. This way, you can effectively block out the sun throughout the day without having to relocate your umbrella.

beach umbrella tilt

For more beach umbrella customization needs, feel free to contact us.

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How to choose a beach umbrella?

Holiday Beach Umbrellas

How to choose a beach umbrella?

In addition to the towel, the fridge, and the sun cream, the beach umbrella is another one of those essential complements if we want to enjoy this summer of the beach with the highest quality and, above all, protection against ultraviolet rays. There are dozens of models, sizes and colors in our Alcampo hypermarkets, but which is the best option? Here are some tips and recommendations for you to choose the ideal umbrella for your beach vacation.

Just as not all umbrellas are the same, not all beaches have the same characteristics. It is important to know the use that we will give to the umbrella. For the beach it is always better not to choose the XL version. Pulling it will mean unnecessary overexertion. The ideal for the beach are the medium umbrellas, perfect to give full shade to two people who are placed underneath.

If you are a large group of friends or family, remember to bring an umbrella for every two or three people at most. This is essential, especially if we are going to spend the whole day at the beach, being of vital importance to avoid being in the sun at the central hours of the day, that is, from 12 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Even so and under the protection of the umbrella the use of sunscreens is always recommended.

Holiday Beach Umbrellas

What is the perfect size?

If you ask yourself this question when you go to buy it, remember that the right size is one that allows you to cover the entire body with shadow. Ideally, an umbrella is neither too big nor too small, it is about protecting you and that you can move or lie down without fear that the head or legs can sunbathe and burn you. The maximum recommended size of umbrellas is 1.60 to 2 meters in diameter. It is also important that two people are not required to carry the umbrella. Always look for your comfort.The general dimensions are as follows:

beach umbrella size

What Material Of Umbrella Should I Shop For?

The umbrella canopy is the overhead material that directly protects and shades you from outdoor elements like UV rays and precipitation. The canopy also adds significant aesthetic value to your outdoor space. There are many different types of materials specially made to combat the harsh conditions of the outdoors, each with their own unique set of traits that will complement different lifestyles and locations:

The Frame:

Common umbrella frame materials include wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each of these materials carries a unique aesthetic and has both advantages and disadvantages.

The Wood:

Wood umbrella frames can include teak, eucalyptus, or other treated hardwoods. Frames made from wood materials are often favored for their natural, classic appearance. Many wood frames (such as those constructed from teak) are naturally repellant to moisture, insects, rot, and other damage, though their color may change over time with exposure to the elements if left untreated. Today, these umbrellas are available with tilt, pulley, or crank mechanisms, making them comparable in terms of functionality to aluminum and fiberglass options. Wood umbrellas are commonly treated with a protectant to maintain their integrity and appearance over time. Wood umbrellas are not as flexible as fiberglass umbrellas, making them poorly suited to extremely windy conditions. They are also not as strong and durable as aluminum umbrellas and can snap much more easily.

The Aluminum:

While aluminum umbrellas may lack the same richness in the appearance of wood umbrellas, there are many advantages to purchasing an aluminum umbrella. Aluminum is a lightweight, low-maintenance material that is available with most features in a variety of finish and color options. Highly durable, aluminum umbrellas are very unlikely to break or snap no matter the weather conditions, and aluminum umbrella frames are commonly treated with a powder coating that makes these umbrellas resistant to corrosion and other signs of wear. Aluminum umbrellas tend to be very affordable and long-lasting, making for a great investment in your outdoor living space.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass umbrellas are most popular in very windy environments. Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic that is made up of glass fibers embedded in resin. The unique material is highly pliable and bendy, meaning fiberglass umbrella ribs will not splinter or snap in most weather conditions. Fiberglass is considered up to 30% lighter and four times more durable than other umbrella models. These umbrellas tend to run more expensive, but their impressive durability can easily offset any heightened purchase costs. It is not uncommon to see umbrellas with aluminum poles and fiberglass ribs, a design that merges the best of two materials.

How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

What fabric Of Umbrella Should I Shop For?


Umbrella canopies are almost always made of fabric, a cloth material. In recent years, advances in technology have allowed for highly durable canopy options that are resistant to moisture, sun damage, and other sources of wear. Canopies can typically be dyed a wide range of colors, including striped and other patterned designs.

tassel Polyester beach umbrella


  • Polyester fabric is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it dries faster than other materials. Ideal in rainy environments, polyester is durable, strong, and chemical-resistant. This material can be solution-dyed almost any color.

portable beach umbrella for high wind


  • Oxford fabric specifications are usually 210D, 420D, 600D. It is wear-resistant. The first two are used more often in beach umbrellas. Oxford fabric with silver coating also has very good sun protection.

luxury beach outdoor umbrella with tassels



  • Canvas is divided into polyester canvas, polyester cotton canvas and cotton canvas. Polyester cotton canvas is widely used in beach umbrellas. The price is affordable and the softness is suitable. The fabric of our tasseled beach umbrella is canvas. very popular.

Umbrellas with UV protection

The umbrella consists of two parts: the stick and rods, usually made of aluminum or steel, the latter being more resistant to strong wind gusts and some models even have a curved stick to facilitate nailing it in the sand of the Beach. In addition, the canvases serve as parasols and are usually made of a durable, resistant and repellent material to water, dirt and mold. The sun visor canvas must have a UV protection of 20+, 30+ or ​​40+.

Care and maintenance

Your umbrella can last for several years, as long as you use it properly and, above all, store it correctly. Remember not to keep the stick or the canvas of the wet umbrella, although many fabrics are usually anti-mold or water repellent, it is convenient to dry the stick well if it has been wet. This will prevent oxidation or deterioration. If it is very windy, be careful when opening it! Always with the wind in favor to avoid that the umbrella can turn around and break the rods.

Perfect design

In addition to the above points, we think the beautiful design is essential. We advocate natural, custom patterns, tassel beach umbrella with the wooden pole is our most popular style, cotton fringed, UV50 +. This must be a beautiful landscape on the beach.

We remind you that in our B&R Umbrella you will find a wide variety of umbrellas to make your beach vacation more comfortable and safe. A wide variety of colors, the best materials, and various sizes and functionalities can be found in our centers. We will wait for you!

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