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Premium Beach Cabana Tent

The beach cabana tent in the beach series is a very unique design. In addition to the large shade (180x180cm; 200x200cm; 220x220cm), the other four feet can be reinforced when the bottom is filled with sand, and cell phones and other items can also be placed on it. The whole tent like a hut is a good choice for family gatherings to enjoy the beach life.

There are many options to look for when customizing a branded beach tent, in addition to the graphic design. These points are powerful in relation to the quality of the entire product. Here we carefully sort out the following, hope it will help you in your business.


We have introduced many fabrics and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each material. So for beach tents, which fabric is more appropriate? We recommend canvas and polyester fabric.

1.1 Canvas. Heavy canvas is the first choice for a quality beach tent. If the cotton component is added, the overall feel will be very soft, which is ground canvas. After the treatment of waterproof and UV50+, effective UV protection, protect you in the summer.

1.2 Polyester fabric. Polyester fabric is very widely used in beach umbrellas because of the affordable price. Very suitable for low budget.


The composition of frame basically has the following combinations
1. Iron pole + iron ribs
2. Aluminum pole + iron ribs
3. Aluminum pole + fiberglass ribs
4. Wooden pole + aluminum ribs

The above are listed according to price from low to high. Choose according to your budget. But no matter which combination you choose, must ensure that it is strong enough, that is, the thickness of the material should be sufficient. We have conducted tests, such as 12X18MM aluminum ribs, the thickness needs to reach to 1.4mm, below this thickness there will be a risk of fracture.
If you are building a high quality brand, it is recommended to use a combination of wood pole + aluminum ribs. You can use beech wood. As shown below


strong frame of beach shade cabana

Of course, in addition to the pole and rib, the choice of plastic parts is also important. We need to ensure that the plastic used is environmentally friendly and strong enough.


The design has many layers. Patterns, color combinations, styles, etc. Patterns and color matching will be more of a brand for each guest. Here we focus on style, according to our production and development experience, because we are a factory and will be more good at style.

3.1 Tassel

We have many applications for cotton fringe on beach umbrellas. It is also welcomed by the market. It is also used on beach tents. And we add wave edge to make the whole shape more flowing and 3D.


Premium Beach Cabana Tent


On the beach cabana tent, you can additionally add another canopy at the back, when the sun is strong or windy. It uses zippers and is very easy to combine.

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