Is Your Beach Parasol Really UV Protection?

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Sun beach parasols, as the name implies, are mainly used to block direct sunlight, which can effectively isolate the skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. But people also use it to shelter from the wind and rain.

Is your umbrella really UV resistant? First, we need to figure out a few parameters and concepts.

What is UV?

Shading mainly refers to the isolation of ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight. The wavelength range of ultraviolet rays is between 200 and 400 nm, which are divided into three bands: UVA, UVB and UVC.


The wavelength of UVA band is 320~420nm, also known as the long wave black spot effect ultraviolet. It has a strong penetrating power and can penetrate most transparent glass and plastics. More than 98% of the long-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight can penetrate the ozone layer and clouds to reach the surface of the earth. UVA can directly reach the dermis layer of the skin, causing the skin melanin to precipitate and promote skin blackening to resist ultraviolet rays to protect the skin. Long-term progress will cause skin aging.


The wavelength of UVB band is 275~320nm, also known as medium wave erythema effect ultraviolet. Medium penetration, its shorter wavelength part will be absorbed by ordinary transparent glass. Most of the medium-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are absorbed by the ozone layer, and less than 2% can reach the surface of the earth. It is absorbed by the human epidermis, which can cause erythema and blistering of the skin. It can also cause skin aging and can seriously cause skin cancer.

UV damage


UVC has the largest energy, but it is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer, and will not cause harm to humans.

The remaining seven wavelengths of ultraviolet light, such as NUV and MUV, are almost completely absorbed by the vacuum and atmosphere, and will not cause harm to the human body.

What is UPF?

The factor we use to calculate the ability to isolate ultraviolet (UV) is UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). If the UPF value is 50, it means that 1/50 of the ultraviolet rays can pass through the fabric, that is, the higher the UPF value, the better the UV protection effect.

The highest UPF value of textiles in Chinese standards is 50+, which means UPF>50. Because the UPF is greater than 50, the impact on the human body is negligible.

UV protection putdoor fabric

Fabric-Important UV protection part of beach umbrella.

The beach umbrella canopy is a barrier that directly blocks ultraviolet rays, so it is important to choose the fabric of the umbrella canopy.

In addition to the different shading principles of sun umbrellas, the material of the umbrella cloth itself is also divided into different types. The fabrics of sun umbrellas that often appear on the market are as follows:

1. Polyester 

It can also be called polyester fiber, commonly known as polyester in China. The texture is hard. Rub it in your hands, there will be a rustling sound, the creases are more obvious, it is not easy to restore, the advantage is strong and wear-resistant, and the sunscreen effect is better.

2. Oxford 

Cheap price,it is usually used on outdoor sun umbrellas with thick cloth.

3 . Canvas

Canvas is divided into polyester, polyester cotton and pure cotton. The thick texture is ideal for outdoor umbrellas.

Shading principle

The principle of shading includes UV blocking method with coating and UV filtering method without coating:

UV blocking method (shading and sun protection)

The coated umbrella uses the UV blocking method (shading and sun protection), which is roughly divided into silver glue, pearl glue, black glue and color glue. The UV blocking method works by physically blocking the light source to achieve the principle of blocking ultraviolet rays. Basically, it is to isolate all light, so the quality of an ultraviolet umbrella will be measured by its opacity.

1.Silver coating fabric

Silver plastic adopts good-quality and low-cost sunshade cloth, which is the earliest and first-class anti-UV fabric. The principle of sun protection is to brush the silver glue on the general fabric to play a role in blocking ultraviolet rays. The disadvantage is that the silver glue on the umbrella surface is easy to fall off, and the sun protection effect is general, UPF>30;

The silver tape has good anti-ultraviolet effect, but after long use, the silver tape is easy to fall off where it is folded. Umbrellas that used to be placed in front of the subway, and dozens of plain plain paradise umbrellas that can be seen everywhere, are almost all such umbrellas. The price is cheap and affordable, and the price is high. However, the problem that silver glue is easy to fall off is further resolved, and many umbrellas with silver glue as the core of anti-UV are derived.

2. Pearlescent coating fabric

Pearlescent glue is generally brushed on the umbrella surface, with silver glitter in the sun, general sun protection, easy to fall off, UPF>30;

The polyester fabric with reflective effect has added photosensitive color-changing powder (ink) to the textile material, and uses sunlight (UV light) to control the color change. Under the sun, it is splendid and dazzling, and the colors are very colorful, which is very popular among women, but the UV protection effect is not ideal.

3. Black coating fabric

The umbrella surface of vinyl is generally colored patterns, and the umbrella is brushed with vinyl, the sun protection function is better than silver adhesive;

4. Color coating fabric

The color coating is internal silver coating, the umbrella surface is advanced technology, the colorful color glue is not easy to fall off, and the sun protection function is very good.

UV filtering method

The more advanced uncoated parasols rely on UV filtering methods, and generally use specially treated fabrics. The UV filtering method is to use umbrella cloth to incorporate sunscreen preparation, so that each yarn can fully absorb the sunscreen ingredients, and the sun and rain will not fall off for a long time to achieve the sunscreen effect.

Fabric density

T is the density, the sum of the density of latitude and longitude within one square inch.

In the case of identical fabrics, the firmer the fabric density, the lower the light penetration rate. The same is true for ultraviolet light. Density is not thickness, and the bulky and thick umbrella surface may not have a good shading effect.

There is a simple and rude self-checking method. Find a table lamp with strong light, turn off other light sources in the room to keep it dim, put the top of the umbrella close to the table lamp, and see how much light you can see through the umbrella cloth. The more solid the umbrella cloth density, the lower the light penetration rate.

Fabric color

Dark>Light>Transparent. In the case of the same fabric, the darker the umbrella, the better the UV protection effect. Generally, the darker umbrella cloth can block 95% of the UVA. However, the sun protection performance must first consider the fabric, apart from the fabric to talk about color, are all rogue. 80% of the sun protection effect depends on the fabric, and the color component is not much.

Points of attention when buying

Sun protection effect

When purchasing a sun umbrella, we should first pay attention to the sun protection effect of the umbrella.

The method of judging sun protection effect can be concerned with the umbrella cloth itself in addition to the above-mentioned selection of high-grade sunscreen umbrellas with uncoated UV filters with high UPF index.

From the umbrella fabric itself, among the umbrella fabrics that often appear on the market, generally speaking:

Cotton, silk, nylon, viscose, etc. have poor UV protection, while polyester is better;
In terms of other characteristics of umbrella cloth, generally speaking, the shade effect of dark-colored cloth is better than that of light-colored cloth, and that of thick umbrella cloth is better than that of thin umbrella cloth. The tighter the textile of the umbrella cloth, the better the shade effect.

The purchase of beach umbrellas is a point where UV protection cannot be ignored. However, many guests do not understand the process, I hope this article can bring you more information. If you have any questions, please contact us and look forward to giving you professional services.



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