How to find a correct women’s rain umbrella

Unless you are in the mood to dance and sing in the pouring rain, you would certainly appreciate an opportunity to hide under a welcoming canopy. The rain umbrella is a truly universal accessory, which can provide a shelter from the heavy rain, shield you from the chilling wind, as well as protect you from direct sunlight. Nowadays, there are a lot of different options to choose from in size and type, style and design. In this review, you will find a piece of advice on how to choose the right rain umbrella to fulfill your whims and needs, as well as the description of the best models currently available on the market.

In this article, BiruiEnjoy will bring you a review of good features umbrellas for women.

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Double Layer Inverted Umbrella


In daily life, women seem always to be busy every day. There are such and such trivial things interminable to deal with. While you’re out shopping, carrying goods, or holding your baby, seems no free hands for other business at all. But it rains. The rain comes with merciless. If you need to make or receive calls or do anything else right now, it can totally get you messy.

What can you do next with a wet umbrella after the rain? How to carry it inside and not to make the mess with water dripping all around? Where to put the wet umbrella in a car or public transport? How to dry all the umbrellas in the restricted office premises? All these questions must have popped into the head on a rainy day.

The problem usually comes from the fact that traditional rain umbrellas fold with a wet side outside which causes great inconveniences during their transportation and storage. It is impossible to place a wet rain umbrella on a bus seat or a car seat next to you, as everything it touches gets soaking wet. One needs to be cautious when carrying it either, as the water mercilessly drips on the floors or the feet of the bystanders. Such design has been in place since the rain umbrellas were first invented.

And over all of this time, wet rain umbrellas have caused much inconvenience to their owners. Yet, now you can leave all of these problems behind with an extraordinary Double Layer Inverted Umbrella from BIRUIENJOY. Its key feature lies in a simple yet brilliant solution – this rain umbrella folds inside-out and keeps all the water inside. When you start using this rain umbrella, you will feel nothing short of relief as this design will provide so-long-awaited dryness to you and everyone around. With this umbrella for rain, you will forget about wet clothes, shoes, floors, car seats and puddles all around.

Besides, you won’t need to open it up to drip dry the umbrella indoors. It can be placed folded in an upright position and save some scarce space in your office or foyer.

If you are tired of having floors and car seats wet on rainy days from the water dripping from your umbrella, this unique rain umbrella will offer a solution to yr malaise. It is an excellent choice for all car owners who can no longer struggle with the closing and opening of their umbrellas in the rain. This Fantastic rain umbrella will keep you dry, as it features a perfect closing angle and can be easily folded once you are safely in the car.

.A little change, big change to life.

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Clear Umbrella

Clear Rain Umbrella

What is the use of an umbrella, if it cannot perform its main function – effectively protect you from the rain! Many manufacturers tend to sacrifice functionality and durability of their rain umbrellas in the pursuit of uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. But the Signature Clear Bubble Rain Umbrella can bring to the table not only aesthetically pleasing appearance but also unmatched functionality. We can safely say that umbrellas master knows how to keep you dry and safe even in the downpour, as well as how to give you the highest degree of protection against the wind and the rain. What makes their unusual rain umbrella stand out from the crowd is its original shape, which was intentionally made significantly deeper than in traditional models. Owing to such an unusual spherical and transparent design, this model vividly resembles a clear bubble.

The deep dome shape will provide effective protection not only from the rain but also from strong gusts of wind, reliably covering not only your head and shoulders but also the top of your back and chest.

The protective properties of this bubble rain umbrella have been further enhanced thanks to the use of a slightly larger canopy diameter in comparison with other competing rain umbrellas on the market. Its diameter in the open state reaches 52 inches.

Except for the standard model with a silver frame and complete clear canopy, BiruiEnjoy is available to customers and create a new fashion model by changing ribs to colored one and add colored piping to the canopy.

Compact Pocket Umbrella

Compact Pocket Umbrella

As mentioned above, when choosing a rain umbrella, compactness may be one of the most desirable factors. Compact fully-collapsible models are getting increasingly popular amongst a growing number of users. This is not surprising since not everyone may find it convenient to carry around a long, full-sized rain umbrella during the whole day. If you travel a lot by public transport, perhaps, you wouldn’t wish to drag around a heavy and bulky accessory. There’s always a chance to leave it absent-mindedly behind. Therefore, you’d rather benefit from a compact and lightweight model, which you will always be able to keep in your purse, backpack or suitcase without even noticing it is there.

So, if you are a minimalist and want to have at your disposal a compact, convenient, and at the same time very efficient and reliable rain umbrella, then this model from BiruiEnjoy is definitely for you. Firstly, when fully collapsed, the length of this yellow rain umbrella is only 10.9 inches, which is several times smaller than in full-sized models. Secondly, it is an automatic open close umbrella, which will allow you to easily open or close it with a simple touch of a button.

If the weather in your region changes at the drop of a hat and the bright sunny day can get a little drizzly, you need to be fully armed and have a small unobtrusive yellow rain umbrella handy. This compact fully-collapsible unit with the canopy diameter of 39 inches may not be so efficient under extreme weather conditions, storms, and downpours, but it will definitely bring you the desired salvation in case of unexpected sprinkling and so unpredictable light summer rain. Portable and mobile, it won’t take much space in your glove compartment or bag.

The straight handle in this rain umbrella features a convenient strap for carrying it over your hand or hanging it somewhere for storage.

If you want such a model printed with logo, have the pattern printed for a great look, or have a canopy with PMS No. matched, this is possible. Our MOQ starts from 500pcs to have umbrella customized.

Automatic Umbrella for Rain

Automatic Umbrella for Rain

As you step outside on a rainy day, you immediately notice the crystal-clear raindrops rapidly speeding, rushing and plummeting eventually down to the earth. The rain batters relentlessly the sidewalks, storefronts, windows, and doorsteps of the houses. You see the water flowing vividly along the pavement and from the rooftops to form the randomly isolated puddles. It does take a lot of dexterity to navigate the streets when every step you make can get your shoe to disappear in the muddy water. Yet, you feel that this rain was needed, as all the nature and the earth feels cleansed and purified. The rain has washed away all the dirt, dust, and filth that had been accumulating on the dusty and polluted streets of the city. You take a breath of fresh air savoring the calm and peaceful serenity that comes only with the rain.

As the wind intensifies, people tend to disappear from the streets. Those few lonely souls that remain tend to walk quickly with bent heads and hunched shoulders, holding the buckling umbrellas before them as life-saving shields. The wind that comes with the rain is uncontrollably mischievous. It plays games with their umbrellas, teasing naughtily in under the feeble canopies and then whipping them forcefully inside out, leaving the poor people exposed and unprotected before the mighty force of nature.

With an amazing and reliable umbrella from BiruiEnjoy, you will be able not only to enjoy a carefree stroll in the park in the light summer rain but also find a reliable shelter in the nasty weather.

As the storm intensity rises, not every umbrella is able to resist the crushing effects of the overpowering gusts of wind, that may act for fleeting instants with tremendous force.

The Straight Umbrella from Biruienjoy will serve you faithfully in any weather. The distinguishing feature of its design is an extra-large number of ribs in comparison with ordinary models. The multitudinous ribs keep the canopy of the umbrella stretched as effectively as possible without loosening and sagging even in the wind. Such design really ensures its stability in high wind and has a positive effect on the resistance of the umbrella to buckling under the strong wind gusts.

The canopy is made from 100% polyester that super waterproof and has UPF 25+. The long hook handle with color matched leather cover makes the umbrella more graceful. You can be hanging it to the wall when you closed it after use.

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When you are considering a good rain umbrella, what need to pay attention and how to select?


When choosing a rain umbrella, first of all, you need to pay attention to its type. All umbrellas can be divided into two categories – full-sized non-collapsible and compact fully-collapsible. Full-sized non-collapsible models are the umbrellas in which the supporting pole cannot be compressed; only the canopy can be compressed as it folds tightly around the non-collapsible central shaft. In the folded state, this umbrella reminds of a gentleman’s cane or a stick but suits both men and women alike. Fully-collapsible rain umbrellas, in turn, have a compact design, which allows reducing their length by several times. Such models are very convenient to carry around just in case the rain starts to sprinkle as they can be easily tucked into a small bag or a glove compartment in your car.


With regard to the construction, you need to decide what kind of design will suit your needs and preferences best: manual, semi-automatic or automatic; as each design has its pros and cons.

A manual umbrella for rain is generally considered as more reliable and with a longer lifespan. This model gives the owner all the power and control. It won’t surprise you with accidental openings nor will it upset the innocent bystanders by spraying drops of water over them. The only drawback of this model is the amount of effort the owner needs to put to open or close this rain umbrella.

A semiautomatic model is one of the most common types. Such models open automatically with a press of a button but have to be folded manually. In comparison with manual umbrellas, this design will allow you to save some time and effort when opening the unit with one hand whenever you need it

An automatic open close umbrella boasts the most functional design as it can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. It may be very convenient in nasty weather, pouring rain and strong wind. The disadvantage of this model is a larger load on the structural working parts, which increases the probability of a breakdown and reduces the lifespan of such models.

3.Size and Dimensions

When choosing a rain umbrella, perhaps everyone has their own preferences regarding the size and dimensions of the model, depending on their lifestyle, needs, and weather conditions in the region. Still, we would like to point out that the dimensions of the umbrella and the canopy diameter will directly affect its ability to shed you against the rain or the wind.

What are you looking for: a sturdy and reliable shelter in the downpours or portable and unobtrusive protection in case of a mild rain? In the folded state, a full-sized non-compressible model (or a stick) normally has the length of around 40 inches, while compact models in a compressed state have the length of only 10-11 inches. The optimal canopy diameter ranges between 32 and 45 inches.

Besides, when purchasing your umbrella pay attention to the number of ribs in the construction or the structural base of the canopy. As a rule, the number of ribs in umbrellas varies from 5 to 24. More ribs are commonly used in models with larger canopies and usually come at a correspondingly higher price. The optimal number of ribs should be at least 8. If the winds in your area get too strong, make sure you select a model with more ribs, that can ensure the sturdiness of construction and provide you with desired reliability and durability in use.

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