How To Customize Beach Accessories To Match Beach Umbrella

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When we customize the beach umbrella, we will purchase some accessories to match. For example, beach towel, beach chair, cooler bags, etc. In order to make the whole series more perfect, we would like to have the same pattern. This requires the cooperation of several factories. In this process, there are inevitably problems such as color difference and different fabrics.
B&R Leisure provides fully customized services to reduce the problems you have encountered.

The advantages of full customization in one factory

1. The same fabric and design can be used.
You will face many choices in materials, such as polyester, canvas, and oxford fabric for umbrellas. The chairs can be made of polyester, canvas, or cotton fabric. are they all waterproof? How about the weight bearing? You need to consider many details. What if they are all in one factory? None of these. The umbrella is made of the same material as other accessories.

The biggest problem in design is chromatic aberration.
There are many factors that can cause color differences in printing. Fabric, ink, temperature, printing machine rotation speed. This results in chromatic aberration in different printing plants. You need to repeatedly send samples, and communicate and confirm colors between several factories. It is very likely that the result is not perfect.

2.Reduce communication costs
Imagine you discuss all things with one person, and all things with several people separately. Which project will progress more smoothly and quickly? We can save a lot of time and cost by eliminating unnecessary communication and concentrating things together.

3.Save Your Cost

In business, the most important thing is how to save your cost under the condition of quality assurance. need to transport different goods from different places to ports and import them into our own countries. There will be a lot of costs for transportation. What if all the goods are transported from one place?

This is the advantage of centralized procurement. I believe there are more that have not been mentioned. These will have a positive impact on your business.

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Custom beach umbrellas and accessories from B&R Leisure

1.Various Designs
In terms of umbrella design, B&R Umbrella is a power plant. Our customization options will help you get an umbrella that stands out from other rogue models on the market. More importantly, our in-house team of designers can help you make dizzy beach umbrellas. Your beach umbrella will become a topic for everyone, whether for business or private use. Our umbrella expert is a fashion expert who knows all kinds of umbrella materials like the palm of his hand. Tell us about your idea of customizing beach umbrellas, and we will make it a reality.

2.High quality Customized Beach Umbrella
The main disadvantage of outdoor umbrellas is their short service life. Most users often find that their beach umbrellas are made of inferior materials, including plastic frames and nylon awnings. Over time, these substances will be affected by the hot sun and strong wind on the beach. B&R Umbrella Company understands this, so it has invested appropriate resources and materials to manufacture long-term beach umbrellas.
Our quality control team also cooperates with the designer from the beginning to the end, so the final output is a beach umbrella, which can be checked for durability and aesthetics. Start to browse our catalog of beach umbrellas to find various models that meet your needs. If you like, we can still repack it to suit your style.

For more customization details, please check our custom options.

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In addition to the professional umbrella. Our team pays more attention to the design and production of beach accessories. You can design and make beach chairs and beach ice packs independently.

Beach Chair
We recommend the combination of beech wood and canvas. They are made of the same material as umbrellas. Canvas is not only load-bearing but also waterproof and UPF50+.

Stand out from the crowd by adding your own special touch. All our adult and child beach chairs can be personalized. In your ordering process, choose from our favorite standard fonts, add personal name or letter combination on each chair, or use your street address, beach house name, favorite beach or more to make a matching font! Personalized beach chairs are great gifts for birthdays, holidays, retirement, baby showers, family reunions, weddings or any special occasion.

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Cooler Bag

The material of the ice pack is polyester cotton canvas, and the aluminum plastic film with thermal insulation effect is added inside. The canvas outside is waterproof and UPF50+. Improved cooling effect.

In view of our reputation as a drought, the promotion of cool bags on suntanned land is an Australian idol, just like beer or roast steak on Barbie dolls. These effective insulated bags allow you to carry cold drinks wherever you go. In this country, the rampant sunshine and the dry wind from the red center together create a national thirst that kangaroos cannot cross. A soft cloth cool bag is a practical gift for any kind of customers. The promotional cool bag with custom printing is easy to fold and store when not in use, because most of the thermal insulation cool bag styles are made of soft fabric, which will not take up too much space when not in use. Of course, thermal insulation bags can be used for many purposes besides keeping your favorite foam drinks at the right temperature for you to drink happily. As a lunch box, picnic backpack, or just as an ideal travel partner, the customized cool bag has as many uses as the weather changes.

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