How To Clean And Maintain A Outdoor Umbrella

On the patio, outdoor umbrellas do double duty, sheltering us from both the rain and the sun. But, over time, dirt builds up on the umbrella cover and your colorful umbrella that shades your patio table or deck may be one of those things that gets overlooked for a cleaning. This may be a good time to drop off your outdoor umbrella and give it a once-over; cleaning and maintenance will help extend its life.

Umbrellas canopy are made of different materials, including canvas and acrylic fabrics, which are water and UV resistant to varying degrees. Some also repel stains and mildew. Some can stay out for a while without looking dirty, but even the sturdiest fabrics need regular cleaning and maintenance, and they have limited light fastness. Here’s how to fix your outdoor umbrella just in time for the summer entertaining season.

red striped Double Deck Patio Table Umbrella

How to clean your outdoor umbrella

If the fabric on your outdoor umbrella is removable, follow the care instructions on the label or the manufacturer’s website. If not, follow these steps to clean your machine-washable umbrella fabric.

Step 1: Vacuum
After removing the umbrella fabric from the stand, remove any loose dirt or debris by shaking or using a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Treat the stain
Use laundry detergent or an enzyme-based stain cleaner to pre-treat stains on the umbrella. Gently scrub the stain remover with a soft-bristled brush and allow the gentle solution to remain in place for the recommended amount of time before placing the fabric in the washing machine. Do not use additional chemicals, which can cause damage to the dye.

Step 3: Machine wash umbrella fabric
When machine washing umbrella fabrics, follow the recommendations on the care label. If there is no care label, use cold water and a strong detergent. A washing machine without a central agitator is ideal for preventing excessive wrinkling.

Step 4: Dry the fabric and reassemble
Air dry the umbrella cover. To prevent wrinkling, smooth the umbrella on a flat surface. If there is no plastic lining, use a low-heat iron setting or steamer after drying. Reassemble the fabric onto the umbrella stand.

How to disassemble our tassel umbrella?

Step 1: Remove the cap
The cap is threaded and can be removed by simply rotating it in reverse.

Step 2: Untie the straps on the bone
Each bone will be secured with cotton straps. You can easily untie it.

Step 3: Remove the bones from the pocket
The fabric is elastic. Stretch down the fabric to remove the boning from the pocket. Note that to prevent the bones from poking through the fabric, we have added round wooden beads to the end of each bone. Please keep them safe, you will need them when reassembling.

How to Clean an Outdoor Umbrella Frame

Wipe the wooden umbrella stand with a soft cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution. Use a soft bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt. Do not use abrasive materials, cleaners or bleaching products as they can damage the finish.

If the umbrella frame has been exposed to sunlight, it may need to be refinished or re-oiled. If you choose to repaint, consider a product that matches the original color. There are sprays and quick-drying glosses available to help the wood retain its luster.

Wipe the aluminum frame with a soft cloth and cleaning solution. Remove fine dust with a microfiber cloth and rinse with warm water. Remove water and cleaners with a dry cloth. As with wood frames, do not use abrasive materials, such as scrapers or steel wool, as they can damage the finish.

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