How to choose umbrella fabric?

When customers come to customize umbrellas, some do not know how to choose umbrella fabrics. Here I share some knowledge with you.

Umbrella fabrics are divided into four categories according to their materials:



3. nylon

The above three types of fabrics can be customized into plain cloth and printed cloth.

4. Oxford fabric mainly makes sun umbrellas and outdoor tents.

According to the thickness of the fabric:


Polyester fabric with a thickness of 160T and 170T, mainly used as a low-end umbrella

The pongee fabric and nylon fabric with a thickness of 190T or more are mainly made of medium and high-grade umbrellas.

These fabrics are coated with black glue and silver glue to provide UV protection. The English name for UV protection fabrics is “Anti-UV Fabric” or “UV-CUT Fabric”.The price of the fabric varies according to the degree of UV protection.Looking at the cloth against the light, the opacity is usually better than the quality of the glue, and the sunscreen effect is good.

Comparison of the most conventional polyester and pongee cloth

1. Polyester  (170T, 190T)

Advantages: The fabric is brighter in color, smoother in feel and cheaper, suitable for merchants with a limited budget.

Disadvantages: Water resistance is poor, wrinkles fold up.

Recommendation: Polyester crepe fabric is poor in water repellency and easily causes rusting of the skeleton. To extend the life of the umbrella, it is recommended to use an iron skeleton with anti-rust treatment to prevent and delay the rust of the skeleton and prolong the use of the umbrella.

2.Pognee(170T, 190T, 210T)

Advantages: It has good UV protection, stable quality, and no creases. Not affected by temperature, a waterproof function is better, color grade is ideal, it is the most cost-effective umbrella cloth, generally only used in medium and high-grade high rain.

Disadvantages: the price is more expensive

We are efficient and professional in custom design. According to the different needs of customers, we adopt the corresponding fabric configuration. In addition, we recommend the most cost-effective pongee fabric. It has good UV protection, stable quality, and no creases. Not affected by temperature, the waterproof function is better, color grade is higher.

pongee fabric

Pongee fabrics

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