How To Choose A Tilting Parasol For Your Garden

wooden beach umbrella with fringe

The tilting parasol can adjust the angle according to the direction of the sunlight, which also brings a larger and more flexible shading effect. It provides flexible decor options for outdoor living areas where umbrellas cannot be moved or space is limited. There are also lighter options that are easy to are sure to enjoy relaxing times under it.

Umbrellas can be tilted in two ways: collar tilt and button tilt. Collar tilt works by turning a mechanism around a pole that tilts the umbrella canopy. Button tilt works by pressing a button near the canopy and tilting the canopy manually. While the tilt mechanism is a great stand-alone feature on an umbrella, the tilt feature often works in tandem with other aspects, such as a cantilevered column or adjustable height. Suitable for all occasions, from outdoor seating areas, garden houses, patios, poolside shades to beach umbrellas, these umbrellas are the perfect addition to complete an outdoor furniture set or to set the mood at any gathering and keep the sun in the eyes of your guests.

They come in many sizes, materials and styles. How should you choose it for your patio? Here are a few of them that may be helpful to you.

2M Round Aluminium Tilting Parasol

This round aluminum reclining parasol is made of polyester and held in place with sturdy spokes. It has a 2 meter canopy. If you have a small patio or wish to use it on a balcony. it will fit perfectly, and compared to the weight of other iron umbrellas, it’s lighter and easier to assemble.

The tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the parasol according to the position of the sun, and the crank makes opening and closing very simple.

3m Tilt Aluminium Parasol

3m Garden Tilting Parasol - FSC Hardwood

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, this great value 3m octagonal garden umbrella is the perfect way to add a touch of shade to your outdoor setting. A tilting option is also available.

Professionally manufactured from sustainably sourced FSC hardwood, this octagonal garden parasol is complemented by a hand-rubbed finish for added durability and aesthetics, featuring a new and improved easy-to-use dual pulley system and heavy-duty 48mm axle for use in Unscrew the stem in the middle for easy storage.

The 235 g/m² polyester canopy is easy to clean and comfortable to touch. Plus, the fabric contains Ultraviolet Inhibitors (UVI) to keep your Octagon 3m Garden Parasol bright and vibrant for years to come.

3m garden parasol fsc hardwood

Premium Wood Fringed Parasol With Hinge

Tilt can also be in the middle. Our best selling tassel umbrella with a strong zinc alloy hinge in the middle. We can adjust the angle by adjusting its gear matching.
1. fabric can be heavy canvas, or light and environmentally friendly RPET. Waterproof, UPF50+(blocks out at least 98% of harmful UV rays) 
2.Natural cotton tassels.

3.FSC beech wood pole.

This fringed garden parasol comes with a sturdy metal parasol base that will hold up even in windy weather conditions
Choose to plug the parasol ends directly into the ground, or use a sturdy metal parasol base for patio or deck areas
This garden parasol is super easy to pop and assemble in less than a minute
Not only does this parasol look pretty, it’s practical, with high-quality fiberglass ribs to hold the shape of your garden umbrella
Featuring a gorgeous cream 1.8m canopy with a delicate blue floral pattern that will catch everyone’s attention
This garden parasol features a single pole made of high-quality beech wood, giving you a rigid structure you can rely on
Comes with a convenient lacing cord with a wooden toggle at the end to secure the garden umbrella when not in use

wooden beach umbrella with fringe

Why does the tilt have to be made of zinc alloy?

There are a lot of clients who will make suggestions. The tilt can also be made of plastic, of course, due to cost and weight factors. We still stick to zinc alloy, although high cost, but strong toughness guarantees its longevity and safety. You can clearly understand the advantages in the comparison chart below.

The value of any merchandise is based on quality materials and quality assurance. 

zinc alloy tilting


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