How To Choose A Small Patio Umbrella

small retro patio umbrella

Many times we may need the right size patio umbrella. Because of space, or a more appropriate look.choosing a small patio umbrella can be a fun and functional decision for your outdoor space. Here are some steps to help you make the right choice:

1.Measure the space:

We choose the small size patio umbrella more because of the space. Then you need to know the space size first before picking. start by measuring the area where you plan to place the patio umbrella. Consider the available space for both the umbrella canopy when it’s open and the clearance needed for the umbrella pole. Make sure the umbrella will fit comfortably in your patio or outdoor space without obstructing any other furniture or structures.

2.Determine the umbrella size:

Small patio umbrellas typically have canopy sizes ranging from 5 to 9 feet in diameter. Consider the amount of shade you need and the number of people you want to accommodate under the umbrella. A 5-6 feet diameter umbrella is suitable for bistro sets or small seating areas, while a 7-9 feet diameter umbrella is ideal for larger seating or dining areas.

3.Material and durability:

Look for an umbrella made of durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as UV-resistant fabric and a sturdy frame. Common umbrella materials include polyester, olefin, and Sunbrella fabric, which are known for their durability and weather resistance. 

3.1. Fabric structure

Fabric has many physical parameters, such as spinning method, yarn thickness, fabric structure, warp and weft density, thickness, tightness and coverage, etc., which all have a certain effect on UV light transmittance. As the density of the fabric increases, the ultraviolet light transmittance decreases; the heavier fabric has a smaller ultraviolet light transmittance; the fabric coverage increases, and the ultraviolet light transmittance decreases.
It can be seen from the influence of these physical parameters on the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric that when the fiber types of the fabric are the same, the change of the physical parameters is mainly to change the reflection amount of the textile to ultraviolet light, thereby changing the energy of the ultraviolet light passing through the gap of the fabric. In this sense, the most direct physical parameter that affects the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric should be the porosity and thickness of the fabric, and the most direct physical parameter that characterizes the porosity is the coverage of the fabric, so a preliminary conclusion is drawn, that is, the fabric The coverage and thickness have the greatest impact on UV radiation protection. This conclusion can be seen from the analysis of experimental data, the coverage rate and the transmittance of ultraviolet light show almost linear changes. In addition, the correlation coefficient between the thickness and the anti-ultraviolet radiation performance of the fabric is also relatively large. In other words, changes in fabric coverage and thickness have the greatest impact on the UV transmittance of the fabric.

Does your supplier state the square weight or density of the fabric when quoting it? This point needs to be paid attention to in procurement.

The umbrella frame should be made of materials such as aluminum, steel, or fiberglass for durability and stability.We also recommend wood. Use beech wood or other hardwoods. In addition to strong support, wood products have a very good design.

4.Umbrella type:

Small patio umbrellas come in different types, including market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, and table umbrellas. Market umbrellas are the most common type and typically have a straight center pole. Cantilever umbrellas have an offset pole, allowing for more flexibility in positioning the umbrella and providing better shading options. Table umbrellas are designed to fit through the hole in the center of an outdoor table and provide shade for the table surface. In addition to these, we can also choose some retro patio umbrellas with unique designs. They have a stylish design. The brightly colored umbrella cover and vintage tassels can make the patio more colorful.

small retro patio umbrella

5.Style and design:

Consider the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space and choose an umbrella that complements it. Patio umbrellas come in various colors, patterns, and styles, from classic to modern, so you can find one that matches your personal style and enhances the look of your patio or outdoor area. Vintage patio umbrella is more suitable for the garden. With a wooden frame. We have small patio umbrellas in 2.1m and 2.2 m,2 medium size, rectangular ones, and double deck patio umbrellas. They are all unique designs and rich patterns.

6.Ease of use:

Look for features that make the umbrella easy to use, such as a crank lift system for easy opening and closing, tilt functionality for adjusting the angle of the canopy, and a sturdy base for stability. Also, check for any additional features like built-in lights, wind vents for better airflow, or easy storage options.


Set a budget for your patio umbrella and stick to it. Prices for small patio umbrellas can vary widely depending on the materials, features, and brand. Consider the long-term investment of a durable and high-quality umbrella that will last for years.Price and quality are largely proportional to each other. Because the cost of good materials is fixed high price.

8.Read reviews:

Before making a final decision, read customer reviews and ratings to get feedback on the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of the patio umbrella you are considering. This can provide valuable insights from other customers who have purchased and used the umbrella.

By considering these factors, you can choose a small patio umbrella that fits your outdoor space, provides ample shade, and enhances the overall aesthetic of your patio or outdoor area.B&R Leisure always insists on design and production. Fashionable retro design and high quality.

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