How To Choose A Printing Method For Promotional Umbrellas?

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How To Choose A Printing Method For Promotional Umbrellas?

Screen printingdigital printing, and heat sublimation Printing are commonly used in umbrella production. Below we outline the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can choose.

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Digital printing

Long Storm Sports Windproof Golf Umbrella

Silk screen Printing

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Heat sublimation printing

Umbrella print method more details:

Silk screen printing: the price is relatively cheap, but there are some restrictions on the color, you can achieve a variety of colors, there are gradient color effects, but the effect is closer to see, the stereo effect will be better in the distance.

Digital printing: The advantage is that there is no limit to the color, the color reproduction is high, and it can be printed in small batches. But the disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the number of small batches can choose this printing method.

Heat sublimation Printing is the most advanced printing technology at present, and thermal transfer is also called digital thermal transfer printing. As the name implies, digital printing is a personalized pattern printing that is done by the close cooperation between the computer and the printer.It is suitable for the production of large quantities and controllable costs.

Therefore, our normal and simple advertising umbrellas are all printed with silk screen printing. If the pattern is more complicated, digital printing is selected. If the number of complicated patterns is large, the heat sublimation printing will be used.


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