In addition to the towel, the fridge, and the sun cream, the beach umbrella is another one of those essential complements if we want to enjoy this summer of the beach with the highest quality and, above all, protection against ultraviolet rays. There are dozens of models, sizes and colors in our Alcampo hypermarkets, but which is the best option? Here are some tips and recommendations for you to choose the ideal umbrella for your beach vacation.

Just as not all umbrellas are the same, not all beaches have the same characteristics. It is important to know the use that we will give to the umbrella. For the beach it is always better not to choose the XL version. Pulling it will mean unnecessary overexertion. The ideal for the beach are the medium umbrellas, perfect to give full shade to two people who are placed underneath.

If you are a large group of friends or family, remember to bring an umbrella for every two or three people at most. This is essential, especially if we are going to spend the whole day at the beach, being of vital importance to avoid being in the sun at the central hours of the day, that is, from 12 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Even so and under the protection of the umbrella the use of sunscreens is always recommended.

What is the perfect size?

If you ask yourself this question when you go to buy it, remember that the right size is one that allows you to cover the entire body with shadow. Ideally, an umbrella is neither too big nor too small, it is about protecting you and that you can move or lie down without fear that the head or legs can sunbathe and burn you. The maximum recommended size of umbrellas is 1.60 to 2 meters in diameter. It is also important that two people are not required to carry the umbrella. Always look for your comfort.The general dimensions are as follows:

Umbrellas with UV protection

The umbrella consists of two parts: the stick and rods, usually made of aluminum or steel, the latter being more resistant to strong wind gusts and some models even have a curved stick to facilitate nailing it in the sand of the Beach. In addition, the canvases serve as parasols and are usually made of a durable, resistant and repellent material to water, dirt and mold. The sun visor canvas must have a UV protection of 20+, 30+ or ​​40+.

Care and maintenance

Your umbrella can last for several years, as long as you use it properly and, above all, store it correctly. Remember not to keep the stick or the canvas of the wet umbrella, although many fabrics are usually anti-mold or water repellent, it is convenient to dry the stick well if it has been wet. This will prevent oxidation or deterioration. If it is very windy, be careful when opening it! Always with the wind in favor to avoid that the umbrella can turn around and break the rods.

Perfect design

In addition to the above points, we think the beautiful design is essential. We advocate natural, custom patterns, tassel beach umbrella with the wooden pole is our most popular style, cotton fringed, UV50 +. This must be a beautiful landscape on the beach.

 We remind you that in our B&R Umbrella you will find a wide variety of umbrellas to make your beach vacation more comfortable and safe. A wide variety of colors, the best materials, and various sizes and functionalities can be found in our centers. We will wait for you!