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Patio umbrellas, as the name implies, are designed primarily for patio use and shade. Whether it’s a summer cooler or a lazy spring day leaning back in a chair to enjoy the spring sun, patio umbrellas have become an indispensable patio essential. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the more common umbrellas being round, square, single, double-topped, center column, cantilevered, and so on. Usually, different patio umbrellas are chosen with tables and chairs to maximize their application.

Patio umbrellas are a great tool to escape the heat and shade the sun while enjoying the beautiful outdoor environment. They are uniquely designed, easy to use and can be easily customized to suit your personal taste. In addition to the regular models that can be found everywhere, BiruiEnjoy has designed a series of vintage-inspired premium models that respect history and not only protect your skin from the harsh sunlight, thus preventing sunburn and skin cancer, but also use more premium fabrics and natural tassels to accent the patio umbrella, setting it apart from ordinary patio shade products.


Sturdy patio umbrellas are easy to use and usually do not require a complicated manual or any expert assistance. The open and close settings of these umbrellas are simplified, just like beach umbrellas, and can be easily opened and closed for maintenance, becoming even more manageable.

A patio umbrella is an essential investment for anyone with a functional patio setup. People are spending more of their leisure time happily on the patio with friends and family. When dressing up a patio, it’s no longer just about shade, but also about picking the style, shape, and color to match the price and quality of the outdoor table and chairs.

Many patio tables are sold with umbrellas in the right color and size. Patio umbrellas sold with patio tables are more popular because their design usually matches the design of the patio table and chairs. For example, the pattern on the material of the patio umbrella may be the same as the pattern on the material of the patio chair.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different qualities, styles and colors of umbrellas on the market today. However, getting the best item is always determined by considering the following factors

Umbrella frames

According to the material used, patio umbrellas are available in aluminum umbrella frames, wooden umbrella frames, and iron umbrella frames. These frames have a great impact on umbrellas due to their durability as well as flexibility. Usually, aluminum umbrella frames are light and rust-resistant. A wooden umbrella frame is a high-grade material in the shade products because the original wood material makes the patio umbrella more durable and more compatible with the wooden patio furniture. The most economical, when it belongs to the iron umbrella frame. The surface of the iron pole is usually sprayed so that the iron does not rust easily. Iron umbrella stands are also usually the heaviest of the 3 materials.

Deciding on the best material is a matter of your personal needs and preferences. However, make sure that the material complements the overall look of your outdoor space. You should also choose one that is suitable, durable, and easy to maintain that will last for years to come. Umbrellas with wooden frames exude exoticism and nature, and these work well with wooden environments or gardens with tropical features. Wooden frames also match any setting with cast iron or wrought iron furniture in dark shades.

Umbrella Sizes

Another factor to consider when purchasing a backyard living space umbrella is its size. Patio umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, from the smallest at 6.5 feet, to a relatively small size of 7 feet, the common 8 feet and the largest between 13 feet. If your yard is not particularly large, 6.5 feet or 7 feet is recommended as the ideal choice. After all, larger yard umbrellas are expensive and not as easy to clean and store. Of course, if it is a commercial need, larger patio umbrellas are still available for purchase.

Fabric of the patio umbrella

This is another important factor that should be considered when buying an umbrella for use on the patio or deck. There are different fabrics such as polyester, SunBrella, Olefin, canvas and Sun poly. some of these fabrics are highly recommended due to their different benefits such as non-fading and UV protection. These patio umbrella fabrics are also available in different thicknesses and qualities, thus being able to reduce the temperature when in use. some of the premium vintage sunshades designed by BiruiEnjoy usually use outdoor canvas with good sun protection. This not only makes the product more vintage in appearance, but also ensures modern quality.

Variety of colors and sizes

Patio umbrellas come in a variety of colors and sizes so that there is always something to meet your patio shade needs. People can pick the most suitable color and style according to their preference and budget. It is always important to know the size of the desired patio umbrella and the size of the area that needs to be shaded. This will help in choosing the right umbrella for that particular area. The umbrella should cover an additional area in order to accommodate more people. It is vital to choose a good quality umbrella for your patio and to provide proper shade for your family and guests.

Rectangular Balcony Patio Umbrellas

Rectangular patio umbrellas are often used outdoors and on balconies, these umbrellas can protect your patio furniture from harsh conditions. Popular for their versatility and ease of storage that doesn’t take up much space, you can also find these umbrellas in commercial establishments such as cafes, food stalls, and hotels. You can choose patio umbrellas that match the size of your table and chairs, such as the balcony series patio umbrellas designed by BiruiEnjoy.

With its rustic and elegant style, your balcony will no longer have to suffer from the hot sun and take up space to worry about. The umbrella has a steering design on the pole, so you can adjust the direction of the umbrella in 3 seconds when the sun shines from different directions. In addition, when you want to set up a seating area in your yard, you can use the rectangular patio umbrella and get full protection from rain or sunlight.

In addition to the large size and full shade offered by the rectangular patio umbrella, it also has other features that enable you to customize and decorate the umbrella to your liking. For example, you can find replacements for the canopy so that when it gets torn or damaged, it is easy to repair this part. You can choose a rectangular outdoor umbrella with an aluminum canopy, and when the mighty wind blows, the cotton fringe on the umbrella dances in the wind like a cheerful girl, making it such an unforgettable moment.

Pagoda Patio Umbrella

The Pagoda Patio Umbrella is a premium patio umbrella designed by BiruiEnjoy for those who prefer the aristocratic style. The pole made of beech wood with a metal turning connection in the middle is very easy to handle and store. You will never have to worry about finding other accessories that cannot be replaced and used for a while. The umbrella can be made in any color to meet the needs of people’s tastes for different styles.

The top of the umbrella is exactly the biggest design with two points, raised upward in shape, like the giant of the Holy Spirit, holding up the large umbrella, giving the people below the umbrella more own breathing space. The edges of the Pagoda courtyard umbrella are designed with scalloped draped edges and slender tassels as accents to the perfect piece. At this point, the patio umbrella seems to take you to another time and space, full of imagination.

Double Roof Patio Umbrella

The Double Top Patio Umbrella, by name, is an outdoor umbrella with 2 umbrellas. It is supported by a double-layer fiber umbrella frame that can withstand the ravages of strong winds. The long pole is made of solid wood with a varnished surface, making the pole smooth and environmentally friendly. In the middle of the pole, as you can see, there is a silver metal link, this design is convenient for people, even a young girl can easily connect the pole together.

Does the umbrella have a better shade effect? Of course. Because the canvas fabric has UV treatment and sun protection 50+. Protecting your skin from damage is easy to do. The edge of the umbrella drops down like a circle of wings with a key outline. Gently fluttering in the wind. Patio umbrella with matching storage fabric cover in the same color. When the umbrella is not applicable, simply put it away and place it in the sleeve, waiting for the next time to re-bloom. Be sure to make sure the umbrella is dry before storing it.

BiruiEnjoy, as a professional manufacturer of premium outdoor umbrellas, is always striving to rethink the function and style of the patio umbrella. BiruiEnjoy, as a professional manufacturer of premium outdoor umbrellas, always strives to rethink the function and style of patio umbrellas and to deliver a more simple and luxurious product to more people.


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