A guide to the best beach umbrella with wood pole:

There is a wide variety of beach umbrellas on the market. You can have a great range of options. The distinction by pole material is usually iron, aluminum, and wooden beach umbrellas.

The wooden beach umbrella is just one of the specially designed sunshades. The wooden pole umbrella is the perfect classic and premium beach umbrella.

These umbrellas are undoubtedly durable and rust-resistant qualities, and wood products always have a natural affinity, which may prove to be the key to the best sunshades.

These umbrellas are relatively stronger compared to aluminum or steel pole umbrellas. While the strength advantage comes at a cost, it also comes at a price – a heavy footprint. Prices are also generally higher than other varieties.

Also, don’t expect this umbrella to have a tilt mechanism on it as well as a built-in fixing mechanism.

With that said, if you want to watch your little ones jump around and get drenched in the ocean on a hot afternoon, read on to find the perfect umbrella for the beach.

Who Needs the Wooden Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrellas can be planned for outdoor dining or casual personal needs. Of course at the beach, when the sun was blazing hot.
Usually, wooden beach umbrellas will cost more than other styles. We would recommend it to buyers on a budget. Hotels, resorts are also very suitable for placement, compared to patio umbrellas will be smaller in size, but more advantages are reflected in the pattern customization, can match perfectly with the surrounding environment.

The umbrella is very much flexible. If you can add a pop of color, definitely, a nice façade is created and you also are treated to the cool experience of a breezy heat.

Best Beach Umbrellas With Wood Pole

1.   Arc 180cm. Fiberglass Ribs Grade Beach Umbrella Ash Wood Pole

This is a lightweight in the Wooden Beach series. But not at all compromising its durability and protection, it’s the perfect umbrella for beach lovers.

The 28mm diameter wooden umbrella pole is light and easy to carry around, but you won’t underestimate its ability in the wind. It stands firm and sturdy and doesn’t get blown all over the place by the constant breeze.

In order to install it safely, you must get reliable sand anchors to lock it in place. You don’t want this accessory to fly away with the wind.

230G polyester fabric up to UV50+, which is one of the best long-lasting solutions to withstand the heat of the sun. This umbrella is built to last because of its sturdy construction.

180cm wooden beach umbrella

1. Arc 200cm. Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

The Arc200CM has more shade area than the 180cm umbrella, which makes it more suitable for family gatherings.

This umbrella is available in Beach Ball, Pacific Blue/White Stripe, Forest Green/White Stripe and Pacific Blue in four colors. In addition, we also offer customization of patterns. Bring your design to perfection with an umbrella.

The 8.0mm white fiberglass bone is extremely tough and strong. Effective in enhancing beach umbrella protection.

The fabric can be canvas or 230G polyester, which are treated to a UPF of 50+, giving you the ultimate in sun protection.

You won’t have to bother installing this accessory. The installation process is simple, with a simple push up motion the umbrella will open the lid and be ready for you to relax in the cool shade of the trees.

beach umbrella white gold

3.Tassels Beach Umbrella With Beech Wood Pole

When the wooden beach umbrella came with a cotton tassel, another luxury beach umbrella was created. The tassels can be either polyester or pure cotton, of course, the price of pure cotton will be higher. Lengths can be 10cm, 12cm and 15cm.

This beach umbrella is our best seller and trusts me this sunshade is the best choice for you.

It’s quite nice to see that the polyester cover in blue fabric. But it also does a great job of reflecting the sun’s hot, harmful rays.

In technical terms, this fabric has UPF protection technology. This protection is the key to keeping you away from UV rays.

The wooden umbrella pole is beech wood, polished and oiled with wood wax to give it an extra shine. It’s sturdy enough to hold the entire umbrella securely.

wood pole beach umbrella with fringes tassels

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Beach Umbrella.

This criteria for finding the perfect wooden beach umbrella should help you find the perfect wooden beach umbrella for your next beach trip.

1.Sun protection function of  Sun Umbrella

You’ll need a beach umbrella with wooden poles to pass through to shield you from the scorching heat of the sun. As you probably know, the sun can become unbearable as the day moves into the later part of the year.

Therefore, the umbrella has to block out all this sunlight – and the UV rays of another person’s injury. The sun protection of an umbrella depends on the choice of fabric. Usually, we would recommend using treated polyester fabric. UPF50+.

2. Sturdiness of the Sun Beach Umbrella

You need a sturdy and durable beach umbrella, that makes no mistake. It doesn’t fall down when the wind blows. Much of this is determined by the umbrella holder.
Usually, the umbrella frame is made of steel or fiberglass. We prefer fiberglass, a more resilient material, and you won’t have to worry about it rusting in a humid environment like the beachside.

3. Selection of wooden pole material

The material of the pole is also the species of wood. This determines its price and quality. There are many species of ash, ash, poplar, beech, etc. currently available in the market.
So during the process of ordering a wooden beach umbrella, it is necessary to communicate well with the beach umbrella manufacturer and this will avoid a lot of trouble.
Many of our wooden beach umbrellas are made from beech wood. And is polished and coated with wood wax oil. The entire rod is shinier and more resistant to corrosion.

In Conclusion

Now, if you’re looking for a new wooden pole beach umbrella. With the buying guide above, I hope your decision making will be very easy. Make sure you look at key features such as the height and weight of the umbrella, its durability, and the protection of a person from the sun.

Of course, you can contact us for more details about wooden beach umbrellas. We are professional beach umbrella manufacturers, offering design and customization.


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