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If you are looking for a reliable supplier to custom made golf umbrella, BiruiEnjoy is the right one for you. As we offer a wide options in umbrella colors to match your corporate logo and design. With an oversize canopy, sturdy frame, this large umbrella can protect you from the rain, heavy wind, sleet and snow. Golf umbrella series can be simple style, double layer, vented, and lightweight one.

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Advantages Of B&R Leisure Golf Umbrellas

With a commitment to durable quality and good looks, our factory usually use premium material to produce golf umbrellas. This provides our umbrellas with excellent protection from strong breeze, sun, and rain. The canopy or handle is customizable so that can meet your different event needs. We do not compromise on the quality of the product we hand over to you!

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Rain forced top

Made by high density polyester Pongee, which will cause water in drops. Just simply shake it in times , this umbrella will dry much faster. Printing is definately can be customized.


wind resistant

Upgrade fiberglass frame with bolded end fasteners. Excellent wind resistance, even in bad weather. Frame colors can be customized according to your PMS No.


large scale

Umbrella canopy that made of big size is suitable for 2~3 persons. Ideal for golf players, sports team. We supply variety of sizes to meet your different need.


Fully custom

We provide full service on umbrella customization. Includes personalized style handles for premium golf umbrella. Aim to make best golf umbrellas for you.

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Golf Umbrella Applications

A golf umbrella is simply an umbrella that is used on the golf course. It is an umbrella that is designed primarily to protect golf players from the rain. Golf umbrellas offer great protection from the sun and wind as well. They are usually larger than standard umbrellas, which helps protect golfers and their carts. Many times, windy weather and rain ruin the game, and the best way to prepare for this predictability is to have a golf umbrella. Non-golfers demand a larger umbrella as well, as it protects them from the changing weather.

In addition, many companies have recognized the importance of marketing their products through golf umbrellas. These companies use them at trade shows and events, or as business gifts. One of the main advantages of golf umbrellas is that they are larger than their regular counterparts, thus giving greater protection from the rain and providing enough shade in sunny, scorching conditions.

Sizes of golf umbrella

Most golf umbrellas come in a standard canopy size of 62″ (rib 30″), but you can find them in sizes from 56″ (rib 28″) to 68″ (rib 34″) depending on your preference. A size chart as follows for ref.

Rib28″, canopy arc 56″, open dia. 120cm 

Rib30″, canopy arc 62″, open dia. 130cm

Rib34″, canopy arc 68″, open dia. 140cm

Best golf umbrella

The best golf umbrella is the windproof one. You can find this type of umbrella from the market usually with a double-layer design or a breathable design. This feature allows the umbrella to withstand strong winds so it won’t fall over easily. Some umbrellas have plastic, rubber or wooden handles, while some come with rubber coated or foam handles for a firmer, more comfortable grip. As with most types of standard umbrellas, you can find golf umbrellas that can be opened manually or include an automatic open button.

Best material for golf umbrella

In terms of the best waterproof fabric for umbrellas, the best quality umbrellas are made of polyester Pongee. Often used for fishing rods and boats, fiberglass provides a versatile, non-corrosive material that is ideal for building umbrella frames. Fiberglass umbrella frames are incredibly wind resistant and are less likely to be damaged because they bend and flex in high wind conditions.

What colors are available for golf umbrellas?

Our factory offers more than 100 different colors of fabric to choose from. No matter a standard color black, white, royal blue, navy blue, cyan, pink, orange, yellow, green or demand a PMS matched, we can both supply.  

What are the differences between a double-layer golf umbrella and a vented one?

Advantages of double layer golf umbrella: Double layer golf umbrellas provide double protection from the rain and sun. Because there are 2 layers of fabric, you can print on the outside as well as custom print on the inside. This makes the whole umbrella a more unique look. 

Dis-advantage of double layer golf umbrella: heavier and costs slightly higher than a breathable one.

Advantages of vented golf umbrella: air vent designs make the umbrella can against storm wind. Compare to the double layout one, this vented version is lighter in weight and more competitive in cost.

Dis-advantage of vented golf umbrella: usually, only outer can be printed with logo or designs.

How to custom personalized golf umbrella with logo printed?

1. Choice of size
Choosing the right size is the first step in creating a great custom golf umbrella. Normally, size 30″ is the perfect one.

2. Choose the model
The models displayed on the website are widely used. You can select the right one according to your needs. 

3 Send us your logo design
Any format of logo design is fine. If you have a high-resolution file, for example, AI or EPS artwork, that’s the best.

BiruiEnjoy is a professional golf umbrella manufacturer in China. If you are looking for renowned manufacturers of the best-quality golf umbrellas that are available in China, BiruiEnjoy is definitely the best choice for you. Our sales team is friendly to reply to any questions you have. Tell us your need, let’s help you.

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