Everything You Need To Know About Promotional Beach Umbrella

A day at the beach is a holiday fantasy that many beach walkers look forward to. You can add to your customers’ beach fantasies by handing them a durable promotional beach umbrella. Even on vacation, they will remember you. Logo printed beach umbrellas not only provide more space to imprint your brand message, they also cover your head nicely. This type of branded umbrella will not only make people think highly of you, but it will also make them loyal customers.

A portable, custom printed beach umbrella is a must for everyone who loves to surf. It is a must-have accessory for resorts, hotels and outdoor dining establishments trying to attract customers. Advertising beach umbrellas that offer coverage on bad rainy and sunny days is always an advantage for those who love beach sports.

What is a Promotional Beach Umbrella?

Promotional beach umbrellas are one of the beach umbrella categories. These umbrellas are large enough and range from 6 feet to 13 feet in dimensions.Used in promotional campaigns, advertising marketing. This product is chosen for many large promotional events, and in addition to shading, the large umbrella canopy with a logo and advertising text makes a good advertising effect.

They are collapsible, making it easy for you to put them on the roof or in the trunk of your car. It can be easily opened and secured to the umbrella stand when you need it for an event. Before you rush to buy, it is necessary to look at the types and sizes available. We’ll highlight these below.

Types & Size of Beach Umbrella:


The size of this type of umbrella varies depending on the type. The ideal size is about 6 feet to 7 feet in diameter. These days, however, there are larger umbrellas, up to 9 feet in diameter. It’s even great when you choose a UV resistant umbrella because it needs to provide you with a lot of shade. The picture below will show you clearly.

beach umbrella size


1.UV-Protection beach umbrella

This premium UV-proof large sunshade offers the highest sun protection and quality of all UV-proof beach umbrellas on the market. This beach umbrella has a UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) rating of 55+ and can block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays (A, B, C). This beach umbrella adds the strength and durability of fiberglass ribs while maintaining a breathable mesh system. This design allows the wind to travel between the upper and lower surfaces of the umbrella, keeping it cool while providing optimal ventilation and stability. This is important in outdoor promotions.

uv beach umbrella

2.Small lightweight promotional beach umbrella

This is a very lightweight beach umbrella. The size is Arc180cm, Dia160cm. aluminum rod + wire bone gives it a lighter weight. Folds up and is easy to carry, perfect for small promotional events. Polyester is usually used for the fabric. This would be a great option for clients who are not on a great budget.

cheap beach umbrella

3.Extra large market beach umbrella

Many of the promotions are on a larger scale. This requires large size promotional umbrellas for advertising. This promotional umbrella has an extra large lid, your logo and branding will stand out in the crowd, it is Arc2.4M, Dia2.2M in size, and the frame is double-decker, which is much stronger than a regular beach umbrella. It will also be very smooth in high winds.

beach market umbrella

Promotional Beach umbrella fabric types:

The fabric used in the umbrella will determine the durability and the amount of shade the umbrella will provide. It will have a big impact on the umbrella’s ability to shade the sun. For this reason, be sure to check the fabric of your beach umbrella before you buy it. With a promotional budget in mind, we recommend the following fabrics.

– 1、Polyester material. The polyester material not only blocks heat, but is also mildew resistant, durable and easy to clean. The polyester is wrinkle resistant and has some elasticity that adds to the wind resistance of the umbrella. It can dry quickly, which is why it is one of the most common materials used in these umbrellas.

– 2、Oxford fabric. The Oxford fabric is very strong and hard wearing. Ideal for outdoor umbrellas. Oxfords with a silver coating have good sun protection, which is what we recommend. The prices are very affordable and will fit your budget perfectly.

In addition to the type of fabric, thickness also matters. It ranges in thickness from 75D to 300D. The thicker the material, the heavier it is. However, the thicker the fabric, the more sun protection it can provide you. You have to strike a balance between portability, thickness and sun protection. When you choose the appropriate sunshade, you can easily get the best sun protection.

Print Model For Promotional Beach Umbrella

Now that everyone is familiar with the types and construction of beach umbrellas, it’s time to learn about beach umbrella prints. The prints on umbrellas tend to be quite bright and eye-catching. Usually we can choose between screen printing and digital printing.

1.Screen printing .Screen printing is a printing technique in which the ink is transferred to the substrate using a mesh, but is printed on a screen where it is impervious to ink.

You can print on plastic, clothing, metal and many other materials. The open area of the mesh formed by the stencil allows the ink to be transferred into a clear image. There are many advantages to using screen printing.

1.1 Inexpensive and a good choice for promotional products.

1.2 Good print thickness for a clear logo.

1.3 Good light resistance. Using this method can be used for outdoor products such as umbrellas.

1.4 Able to print large areas, up to 3-4 meters.

2.Digital printing.This type of printing is done by transferring the desired pattern to the substrate via heat. First, the printing press is heated to a certain temperature and then pressed against the umbrella for a certain amount of time with considerable pressure. Then simply release it and your printing is done! There are many advantages to this type of printing.

2.1 Digital printing can significantly reduce setup time. The only major issue is its cost, as it is not economical compared to other printing methods.
2.2 Very suitable for printing with richly coloured patterns.
2.3 In larger quantities, it is more cost-effective than screen printing.
2.4 You will notice that the pattern of the screenprint comes off after a period of time, but the digital print will be more persistent.

So, if you’ve been overwhelmed by the plethora of beach umbrella options, you can go through our guide above to pick the right one. We at BRumbrella provide you with all these umbrella designs and color options to specify the right umbrella scheme for you. Once you have selected the same umbrella, you can send us a message to order it.



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