Custom Detail Of The Umbrella Frame

The main core part of an umbrella is the umbrella stand. The high-quality umbrella customization must first ensure that the umbrella frame has high strength, high toughness, and high wind resistance.

umbrella frame

What are the details of the umbrella frame when customizing the umbrella?  There are about 20 kinds of accessories, from the assembly of the umbrella shaft to the process of making a complete umbrella frame, about 30 ways, different materials, there will be a variety of production processes. Every detail of the umbrella stand customization must be done strictly according to the standard, otherwise, it will not be of high quality.

The first is the umbrella pole assembly. The umbrella pole of the folding umbrella is divided into three sections, four sections, and five sections. The material of the umbrella pole is aluminum, iron, steel, carbon fiber, glass fiber, iron-aluminum combination, steel-aluminum combination. Regardless of which method is used, the most important tube-to-tube gap and the size of the marbled bow, all dimensional tolerances should be controlled between 0.02MM, otherwise, the mast will be shaken or the push-pull will not be smooth. The high-end technology core of the umbrella pole is in this size.

three fold umbrella

In addition to the selection of materials, the most important thing is to assemble the copper nails, the length of the copper nails and the flowering of the riveting ends. The length determines the joint activity. The riveting and flowering determines the fastness of the joints. Only when fully matched, the ribs are guaranteed. When the opening is open, the joints are flexible and there is no phenomenon of riveting and falling off. In short, the high-end umbrella custom ribs are to pay attention to the processing details is the material selection.

Strictly control the above details, the main core of a high-end umbrella is no problem, B&R umbrella customization, rich umbrella experience, attention to umbrella craftsmanship, and every problem is in front of production. Welcome to your inquiry.



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