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Globally, people have different levels of trade. Trade often promotes development opportunities by providing employment opportunities, thereby improving human welfare. Most of the time, production is at the company level, and then the products are transported to the store where buyers can access them. The fact is that most consumers do not know the supply conditions of the products they consume.
Trying to learn more about these products is almost impossible, or even do something
It turned out to be very difficult to talk about it alone. Therefore, BSCI actively collected some data
The company is required to comply with its code of conduct first, and then supervise its activities through the audit. With this in mind, B & R umbrella company. No exception.
Recently, we passed BSCI audit, which is a very reliable umbrella manufacturer.
For many years, umbrellas have been an indispensable commodity in our daily life. It has made great progress in China.
Quality, size, and manpower requirements. There are different types of personalized umbrellas in the world, including children’s umbrellas, golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, and mini umbrellas. B &R umbrella company is one of them
Over the years, one of the world’s leading umbrella manufacturers. The company produces a large number of personalized umbrellas for consumers around the world.

BSCI audit report

What is an amfori BSCI Audit?

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) was established by amfori in 2003, with the aim of improving social performance in the increasingly complex global supply chains. The amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, which includes 11 fundamental principles, is based on the labor standards of the International Labour Organization, UN Charter of Human Rights and other key international and national regulations in the human rights sphere.

Who is B & R umbrella?

B&R Leisure Products Co., Ltd. est 2011, in Zhejiang, China. Is a professional umbrella manufacturer. Unlike other companies, we are committed to high-quality, personalized customization.We specialized in manufacturing all kinds of premium beach umbrellas, fringed outdoor parasols, retro patio umbrellas, and branded rain sun umbrellas, etc.  And offer a large range of uniquely designed components in different colors, styles, and sizes to make your umbrellas stand out. We engaged to supply the perfect one for everybody dealing with branded items and outdoor products. 

1. Quality control
We have established a perfect quality control system and arranged quality inspectors and data records for each process from raw materials to final products. It can clearly monitor the production process of umbrellas. From design to production, we provide full service. It has the ability to produce all kinds of customized beach and courtyard supplies, so it can produce more high-quality umbrellas to meet the needs of customers.
2. Human rights protection
We attach great importance to the protection of workers’ rights and interests. Improve welfare benefits and working environment.

Adhere to the management spirit of “people-oriented”, treat every employee equally, and actively implement the BSCI code of conduct, including strictly implementing the health and safety of the working environment, establishing a reasonable working time and wage payment system, prohibiting any discrimination and forced labor, and refusing to use child labor.
Sustainable development is our goal. In addition to pursuing the development of the company, we have also made contributions to society and the environment.

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