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luxury black beach umbrella with tassels

How To Design Pattern For Your Brand Beach Parasols?

Our beach parasols are all customized. As you can see on our Instagram, the rich pattern design makes the whole umbrella full of vitality. It is very important to make the umbrella design match your other products and highlight the brand design. Many customers will ask how to design patterns on the umbrella. Here is a brief introduction to our work process, I hope it will help you. Design Template Like other products, umbrellas also have a fixed size. The conventional size is Arc 2M, Dia 1.8M, and Arc 1.8M, Dia 1.6M. We have blank design templates, you only need

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striped beach umbrella with fringes

RPET Fabric For RPET Umbrella, Sustainable Umbrella

Do you know? 6 discarded plastic bottles can be turned into a beautiful umbrella cover. You will wonder how plastic can become fabric and what is an RPET Umbrella. RPET Fabric RPET fabric (Recycled PET Fabric), also known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth, is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabric. Its yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles. This product is recycled from waste. It is an ideal environmentally friendly material for use. Advantages of RPET fabric In addition to the characteristics of ordinary polyester fabrics. RPET fabrics are more environmentally friendly. 1.Protect

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vintage beach umbrella with tassels

How to choose fabrics for beach umbrellas correctly.

How would you use a beach umbrella? I think most people will use it on the beach or in the yard, under the shade, and enjoy holiday time with their family. So can we think that the sunscreen effect of fabric for beach umbrellas is very important? UPF According to scientific research and analysis, there are three main types of anti-UV fabrics in the world, namely coatings, chemical fibers and pure cotton. The sun protection standard is specifically embodied as UPF (sun protection degree), which can generally be measured by a UV protection factor tester. . In addition, the anti-ultraviolet

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luxury beach umbrella with wood beach chair

Is Your Beach Umbrella Really UV Protection?

Sun beach umbrella, as the name implies, are mainly used to block direct sunlight, which can effectively isolate the skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. But people also use it to shelter from the wind and rain. Is your umbrella really UV resistant? First, we need to figure out a few parameters and concepts. What is UV? Shading mainly refers to the isolation of ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight. The wavelength range of ultraviolet rays is between 200 and 400 nm, which are divided into three bands: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA The wavelength of UVA band is 320~420nm, also

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striped beach umbrella sun protection

4 Importation Options For Windproof Beach Umbrella

Have you ever hoped that you have a beach umbrella that can stay in place when the wind blows? Did you know that you can buy a windproof beach umbrella just for this purpose? If you are looking for the best way to enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about your umbrella flying away in the first breeze, then stop reading this article! Many customers often ask about UV and wind resistance when choosing which beach umbrella to purchase. We are a professional beach umbrella manufacturer. Below, we introduce the 5 most important points for windproof beach umbrellas

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