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How To Clean And Maintain A Outdoor Umbrella

On the patio, outdoor umbrellas do double duty, sheltering us from both the rain and the sun. But, over time, dirt builds up on the umbrella cover and your colorful umbrella that shades your patio table or deck may be one of those things that gets overlooked for a cleaning. This may be a good time to drop off your outdoor umbrella and give it a once-over; cleaning and maintenance will help extend its life. Umbrellas canopy are made of different materials, including canvas and acrylic fabrics, which are water and UV resistant to varying degrees. Some also repel stains

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How To Customize Beach Accessories To Match Beach Umbrella

When we customize the beach umbrella, we will purchase some accessories to match. For example, beach towel, beach chair, cooler bags, etc. In order to make the whole series more perfect, we would like to have the same pattern. This requires the cooperation of several factories. In this process, there are inevitably problems such as color difference and different fabrics. B&R Leisure provides fully customized services to reduce the problems you have encountered. The advantages of full customization in one factory 1. The same fabric and design can be used. You will face many choices in materials, such as polyester,

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Guide For The Best Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas, as the name implies, are designed primarily for patio use and shade. Whether it’s a summer cooler or a lazy spring day leaning back in a chair to enjoy the spring sun, patio umbrellas have become an indispensable patio essential. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the more common umbrellas being round, square, single, double-topped, center column, cantilevered, and so on. Usually, different patio umbrellas are chosen with tables and chairs to maximize their application. Patio umbrellas are a great tool to escape the heat and shade the sun while enjoying the beautiful outdoor

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Why We Use Canvas Fabric For Beach Umbrella

We choose canvas for beach umbrella. Fabric is an important part, Its quality determines the whole canopy, such as waterproof, UV protection, colorfastness, etc., does your supplier introduce the specifications of fabrics? which many customers will ignore. Will simply pursue the price without comprehensive consideration. The fabrics used in beach umbrellas are usually Oxford, polyester, and canvas. We have introduced in another article,How to choose fabrics for beach umbrellas correctly? 1.Oxford The specifications usually use 300D and 450D, which have good sunshade, waterproof and corrosion resistance, as well as UV and wind resistance, and the price is relatively affordable. 300D

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B&R Umbrella Factory Passed BSCI Audit

Globally, people have different levels of trade. Trade often promotes development opportunities by providing employment opportunities, thereby improving human welfare. Most of the time, production is at the company level, and then the products are transported to the store where buyers can access them. The fact is that most consumers do not know the supply conditions of the products they consume. Trying to learn more about these products is almost impossible, or even do something It turned out to be very difficult to talk about it alone. Therefore, BSCI actively collected some data The company is required to comply with

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The Most Important 3 Points For Fringe Beach Parasol

Fringe beach parasols are very popular now. The unique tassel design makes it more outstanding. Maybe you just buy one for personal use, or add your own design to customize it for business. The following 4 points need you to know. They will make your choices clearer and avoid unnecessary losses. 1.Material The material is the body of the whole beach umbrella. The umbrella cover can provide shade, bring cool to people and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Umbrella frame and pole support the whole umbrella. Its firmness is very important. So when we choose beach umbrellas, we

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beach chair with umbrella

How To Select The Perfect Beach Chair With Umbrella

Beach chair with umbrella is the best companion you need on the beach. Unless you’re a lifeguard, a beach chair is about maximum relaxation and comfort. a parasol can provide shade and protection from UV rays. If you want to have a great day at the beach, it’s important to bring your own chair with you. You can find chairs for purchase at most stores that sell outdoor items, such as sporting goods or department stores. However, if you want something more comfortable than these types of commercial chairs offer, or you want to use for business, then you should

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How To Choose A Tilting Parasol For Your Garden

The tilting parasol can adjust the angle according to the direction of the sunlight, which also brings a larger and more flexible shading effect. It provides flexible decor options for outdoor living areas where umbrellas cannot be moved or space is limited. There are also lighter options that are easy to are sure to enjoy relaxing times under it. Umbrellas can be tilted in two ways: collar tilt and button tilt. Collar tilt works by turning a mechanism around a pole that tilts the umbrella canopy. Button tilt works by pressing a button near the canopy and tilting the

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patio umbrella fringe

3 Most Important Options For Patio Umbrella Fringe

Patio umbrella fringe is a unique design based on ordinary. Natural tassels are added or an open-weave tasseled cover. In addition to the shadow of the conventional courtyard umbrella, it is more visually ornamental and artistic. They’ve evolved from function (protecting you from harsh rays) to fashion (as important to nailing your look as other outdoor furniture). In the market, it is a premium umbrella.We need to know this product before making any decisions. So, When you choose one for personal use or want to your business projects. What is the best heavy duty umbrella popular for their high-quality? The

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