4 Importation Options For Windproof Beach Umbrella

Have you ever hoped that you have a beach umbrella that can stay in place when the wind blows?

Did you know that you can buy a windproof beach umbrella just for this purpose?

If you are looking for the best way to enjoy your time on the beach without worrying about your umbrella flying away in the first breeze, then stop reading this article!

Many customers often ask about UV and wind resistance when choosing which beach umbrella to purchase. We are a professional beach umbrella manufacturer. Below, we introduce the 5 most important points for windproof beach umbrellas for you to understand. You will definitely find a good product that will make you windproof and comfortable next time you go to the beach

7 ft Fiberglass Beach Umbrella w Instant Table Anchor Pacific Blue 3

1.Vented Canopy Design

A wind vent is a flap in the fabric of canopy, or top, of a beach umbrella, that allows for wind and heat to escape the top of the umbrella. There are two main reasons why this is important.

1.1 Stability. The exhaust vent allows wind and air to “exhaust” safely through the umbrella. If there is no tuyere, what you have is a very large and expensive kite. Imagine that your hand umbrella is in a strong wind. If you turn the umbrella in the wrong direction, it will not only turn inward, but it will fly away in nine or nine times, usually far away. However, due to the tuyere on our patio umbrella, both air and wind have a way to escape. You can let the air and wind have a way to escape without walking with the entire umbrella.

1.2 Comfort. As the heat rises, the patio umbrella will trap a lot of heat under the umbrella cover, just like a hot air balloon. The tuyere can let hot air leak out from the top of the umbrella, let cool air rush under the umbrella canopy, and cool the inside of the umbrella canopy. If there is no tuyere, you will stand under the hot stove. This is not the best place on a hot day, it completely kills the purpose of outdoor shade.

Therefore, the design of the exhaust vent is a must-have option for the windproof beach umbrella.

2.Strong Umbrella Frame

The frame is the support for the entire beach umbrella. Therefore, the windproof performance of the beach umbrella is very important. In the previous article we also mentioned several combinations of beach umbrella frame.If you want to purchase high-grade beach umbrellas, we will recommend wooden pole + 8.0 fiberglass ribs; if you need to promotional beach umbrellas, we recommend steel pole + 4.5 steel ribs; if you want lightweight beach umbrellas, use 0.9 aluminum pole + 4.5 steel ribs.

3.Beach Umbrella Anchor

Usually the bottom of our beach umbrella will be equipped with a pointed tip, but it is not easy to deeply insert into the sand, which requires the help of beach umbrella anchor.These umbrella anchors provide the perfect solution to keep your beach umbrella firmly on the beach and resist strong winds. You can rest here, relax and enjoy the sea breeze. Some umbrella anchors are also suitable for parks and backyards.

Rio Brands White Sand Anchor

Rio Brands White Sand Anchor

Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor

Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor

Heavy Duty Pole Holder Anchor

Heavy Duty Pole Holder Anchor

4.Sandbag Design

In addition to beach anchors, we can also use beach bag designs. When the sandbags are filled with sand, we can use the straps on the sandbags to tie together with the beach umbrella for fixing. This sand bag is matched with the beach umbrella pattern, which makes the whole style very harmonious and beautiful. When the sandbag is not in use, we can also fold it in the carrybag, which is very easy to carry.


Now that you have had the opportunity to read these windproof umbrellas, maybe you are ready to pick one immediately. However, if you are not emotional, remember how troublesome it is to deal with umbrellas that are not windproof. Think about how difficult it is to keep this umbrella upright when the wind blows, and remember how many times you have to chase the umbrella on the beach, when you just wanted to relax.

These are some pretty compelling reasons to choose a windproof umbrella! If you are ready to make your beach experience easier and more comfortable than ever, then choose your favorite from the umbrella list above Take one or several high-quality products home. You can’t go wrong with these umbrellas, so it all depends on which one suits your needs and tastes best.

Remember to clean and store your umbrella properly so that you can use it in the summer. When you get home, rinse your umbrella with a garden hose, let it dry, and store it away from direct sunlight until it is used again. Make sure to store it in any packaging that may come with it for best results. As long as it is properly maintained, your windshield will be with you for a long time to come. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will bring you professional answers.



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