3 Most Important Options For Patio Umbrella Fringe

patio umbrella fringe

Patio umbrella fringe is a unique design based on ordinary. Natural tassels are added or an open-weave tasseled cover. In addition to the shadow of the conventional courtyard umbrella, it is more visually ornamental and artistic. They’ve evolved from function (protecting you from harsh rays) to fashion (as important to nailing your look as other outdoor furniture). In the market, it is a premium umbrella.We need to know this product before making any decisions. So, When you choose one for personal use or want to your business projects. What is the best heavy duty umbrella popular for their high-quality? The following 3 points need to be paid attention to.

Sturdy Luxury Patio Umbrellas

A good patio umbrella is designed for high demands and pressure. They can withstand unusual pressures. They will keep you dry, protect you from the scorching sun, and never betray you when you need it most. They are all made of sturdy materials to prevent wind from damaging your umbrella or ruining your day.

1.Type Selection

The choice of style can start from the size and design. Here we focus on design. The perfect design can match other outdoor products, making your combination more dazzling,  patio, terrace, or balcony—or snagging a sweet spot on the beach

1.1 7ft Patio Umbrella with Fringe


The 7ft canopy with tasseled umbrellas provides modern style and complete shade. It has a tilt mechanism that can easily adjust the height and angle. It can be opened by simply pushing it manually until the canopy is fully opened. It includes a cloth bag cover of the same color. It is very suitable for patio tables, outdoor tables, terraces, balconies, backyards, gardens and any outdoor areas that require shading or decoration.

7ft Patio Umbrella with Fringe

2.1 Pagoda Fringe Patio Umbrella


It has a pagoda-shaped umbrella cover. The unique design attracts your attention from a distance. We designed the wavy edges and brought natural tassels to make the whole shape more harmonious.

Pagoda Fringe Patio Umbrella

This is a patio umbrella that we strongly recommend.  2M shadow diameter, with larger shading area, suitable for families. Its fabric is canvas, waterproof, tested by professional institutions, and its sun protection level is UV50+. With natural tassels and FSC beech wood pole.

vintage patio umbrella with fringes

2.Material Selection

High-quality materials make it stronger and more durable. From top, poles to canopy, every component is made of the highest quality materials and precision engineering, making our outdoor umbrellas durable and reliable. We use the best materials to ensure that the fabric is waterproof and UV50+, and the parts have been tested many times to ensure their work and quality performance.


Our fabric ues heavy duty canvas. After treatment, it has waterproof and anti-ultraviolet functions. And our UV protection grade is UV50+. Below is the test report. It is high-density, heavy canvas fabric that brings a more powerful shading.

Please do not choose a fabric with low weight, 160g?180g? Not enough. Using them will only make your brand cheaper.


UV 50+ test report of canvas


The umbrella stand is composed of bones and poles. Usually they can be iron, aluminum, wood and fiberglass. You can choose the right one according to your budget and market. But please note that their firmness must be a must. For example, our wooden fringed umbrella will use 8.0 glass fiber, the fiber is useless with alkali, so that it has stronger toughness. The pole is beech wood with FSC certificate. Our steering is zinc alloy material, and the degree of firmness is incomparable with plastic.


zinc alloy hinge for finged umbrella


Tassels can be polyester, polyester-cotton and cotton. Its composition determines its softness and comfort. It can also be dyed to match the umbrella pattern. But the MOQ will be higher. It has a variety of shapes. We use natural cotton tassels, 15cm length.


If you are for commercial use, and hope our umbrella can match other products. They can be a series. Then the third item is very important. Not only can it be a perfect match, but it will also make your brand more prominent.

Many designers and buyers pay attention to patterns. The whole pattern is actually relatively simple. We will provide a template of the corresponding size. You only need to create the pattern according to this template. In addition to this, we also remind other details to deal with.
We will advise customers to add their logo on the umbrella. Brand is very important, it’s pretty sure. The logo can be printed or made separately.
The logo can be printed on umbrella covers and backpacks.
The logo can be made into a logo.
The logo can also be carved or pasted on other parts of our umbrella.
3.2 WCL and Instructions 
A high-quality patio umbrella must bring a washing label and a care label. Inform customers about the maintenance and cleaning precautions of the umbrella. Instructions for use will make it easier for users to open and close.

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