The 6 Best Sun Beach Umbrella of 2020

In the summer, everyone is looking forward to that long-awaited week of vacation. There’s no better time to get a few days off, get out on the beach, in the sun, and enjoy a relaxing day without having to deal with the hectic city life. People usually will pick a beach umbrella to put on the beach, or an outdoor umbrella to put on the patio, enjoy the holiday. Many individual consumers will choose to go to Amazon and buy. However, retailers suggest the option of sourcing directly from the umbrella factory to save even more money.

We found the best beach umbrellas from models we love, styles with exciting features, or picks with rave reviews. Different sizes will bring different shade. The fabric is UV resistant to varying degrees. Stylish designs will have different aesthetics. Before purchasing, look for these features that set the best beach umbrellas apart:

high quality windproof tassel umbrella 5

Types of Beach Umbrellas

When it comes to determining the type of beach umbrella, then there are several types, but they are all valid. Many guests, especially brand owners, opt for custom designs. Own your style. Here are 6 beach umbrellas that we think are the best.

1.Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

With the changing direction of the sun, this umbrella can be tilted at the top, allowing you to stay perfectly in the shade all day without having to move the entire umbrella. The umbrella holder is wire bone and aluminum rod, the whole umbrella is lightweight and has matching backpack pockets for easy carrying. Taking a vacation to a distant beach is a very good option. There is an attached sand screw at the bottom for easy setup.

Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

2.Portable Beach Umbrella

Many beach umbrellas need to be moved. People usually take them on vacation to places nearby or further afield. So light and easy to carry is a very important point. This beach umbrella differs from the regular 2 poles in that it is composed of 3 poles. It’s smaller than normal when broken down. We also call it the 3-fold beach umbrella.

windproof beach umbrella

3.Double Layer Beach Umbrella

Usually, the beach umbrellas we see are single ply fabric, this one has double canopies. So we can see that the outer layer is plain color and the inner layer is digitally printed. This is a very unique design. You can print any pattern you want.

commercial outdoor umbrella with all over print 2

4.Rectangular Beach Umbrella

Similar to a patio umbrella, the rectangular lid has more shade. The rectangular beach umbrella is more portable and portable. For use in patio scenes, we can use Oxford fabric with silver gum, durable and affordable.

Rectangular Beach Umbrella

5.Premium Wooden Beach Umbrella

In making our beach umbrellas, we chose iron and aluminum, in addition to wood. Wooden pole beach umbrellas are natural. It is a specially designed sunshade. The wooden pole umbrella is the classic version of the perfect beach umbrella.
These umbrellas are undoubtedly durable and rust-resistant qualities, which may prove to be the key to the best sunshades.
These umbrellas are relatively stronger compared to aluminum or steel pole umbrellas. While the strength advantage comes at a cost, it also comes at a price – a heavy footprint.

uv protection beach umbrella sage and white

6.Tassel Beach Umbrella

This tassel beach umbrella is very versatile, the 15cm long cotton tassel is very beautiful, with a wooden pole that is a high-end product. The style and construction meet the high standards of the past.

Our premium umbrellas are larger than holiday umbrellas and can be used temporarily at the beach and on the deck. High-density polyester has a UV, mildew, and water repellent treatment that holiday umbrellas don’t have, which helps keep the color in shape. The hardware is made of polished marine-grade aluminum parts for durability and sun protection.

strong quality portable tassel beach umbrella black color

Important Things to Consider When Buying A Beach Umbrella

here are many different umbrellas to choose from. Even those brands that are not specifically used as beach umbrellas can work well. We’ve managed to pick a few good value umbrellas, but it’s important to compare them because they’re not all the same. Here are some important features to note.

1.Size. The size of umbrellas varies greatly. Be careful to compare different sizes, some models may be too small for two people to use.

beach umbrella size

2.Frame: umbrella frames are usually made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Fiberglass will be used for the umbrella ribs. Depending on these materials we can combine them into umbrella frames for different prices and purposes. For example, steel pole + steel ribs, steel pole + fiberglass ribs, aluminum pole + steel ribs, aluminum pole + fiberglass ribs, wood pole + fiberglass ribs. These we will reflect on the quotation and samples. More details can also be found in our other article:

How to choose the beach umbrella frames?

3.Fabric: the regular fabrics on the beach umbrella are oxford, polyester, canvas. Oxford fabric is relatively inexpensive and will be used more for promotional beach umbrellas. The Oxford fabric with silver coating has good sun protection. Polyester is usually used in 180G, 200G, 230G. Of course, the higher the weight, the higher the price. The canvas will come in polyester and pure cotton. Relative to polyester-cotton will be much more affordable.

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4. Tilt system: This is an optional feature and not all umbrellas have it. However, umbrellas with a slant can be adjusted in the direction of the sun without the need to adjust the position of the umbrella, which is very convenient. It is worth noting that these umbrellas are not as sturdy as those without the tilt system.

5. Vented design: vented design is very useful in windy days, many large beach umbrellas will have a breathable design, the windproof effect is very good. But if the weather isn’t ideal, not everyone wants to go to the beach. It can be useful, but not a necessary thing.

6. Carry bag included: Basically all beach umbrellas will be configured with a backpack bag. This is very necessary for carrying on the go. Usually, our customers also print logos on their backpacks for a better branding effect.



When you purchase such a remarkable find, you will want to have some features that can take you off the edge.

So, if you want a beach umbrella, you can have some fun on the beach while not being affected by the sun’s rays. This article has details to give you a better understanding of our products. You can also contact us for more designs and styles. B&R umbrella, professionally customized.



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