How to choose the sun umbrella?

When the summer is over, the ladies will start to choose sun protection umbrellas. One is to be beautiful, and the other is to protect white and clean skin. However, many women do not know how to choose when they choose a sun umbrella. Just buy, is this right? Today, we share how

sun fold umbrella

1.look at transparency. In general, the transparency of the sun protection umbrella is not high because there is a coating on it, which results in low transparency. If the transparency of the umbrella is very high, it must not be a good coating. It is recommended not to choose.

2. Look at the color of the umbrella back. Under normal circumstances, there will be two kinds of coatings, one is silver glue coating; the other is the black plastic coating, the sun protection function is better than silver glue, UPF>50%.

Black Coated Umbrellas

Black Coated Umbrellas

Silver coated umbrellas

Silver Coated Umbrellas

3.Look at the shadows. If it can’t be distinguished, it is best to take the umbrella under the sun and then open it. If the shadow of the shadow under the umbrella is darker, the better the coating, the better the sun protection effect, and vice versa.

4. Look at the whole. Some umbrellas will have decorations around them, such as lace, or other colors. In fact, it is best not to choose such umbrellas, because there is no coating on the laces and flowers, and it is best to choose solid colors.

It is best to choose a higher density umbrella, and the color of the umbrella surface is preferably deeper. Do not choose a light color umbrella surface. In this way, the effect will be better. Also, the reminder is that the more expensive the umbrella, the better the sunscreen effect. Of course, you’d better spare two umbrellas, one for the sun and one for the rain, because the rain will corrode the sun umbrella.

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