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Reliable Factory

We start manufacturing custom umbrellas since 2011. Always work closely with clients ensure strong branded umbrellas are provided.

Felexible service

Orders large or small are always given full attention from our people. Any questions you have will be answered promptly.

Trustable Exporter

Our customized umbrellas are specially made for overseas markets. They are well sold in Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, etc.


We have strong OEM&ODM ability, umbrellas can be custom made to the desired size, style, color, and print. A sample is available.

Branded Umbrella Manufacturer

B&R Leisure Products Co., Ltd, the professional umbrella manufacturer, supplier, and factory in Zhejiang, China with thousands of customers worldwide, offering high-quality umbrellas and beach parasols to help you maximize profit for your business. 

We specialize in customizing all kinds of golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, sun&rain umbrellas, outdoor parasols, etc. And supply a large selection of custom printed umbrellas in different colors, styles, and sizes so that you can get your branded umbrellas the most of your event. We engaged to make the perfect one for everybody dealing with promotional items and outdoor products.

Product Catagory

Our quality umbrellas are available in all sizes, designs & functions.

We believe you may find the best one for your project.


Equipped with a strong canopy and comfortable grip handle, this product is ideal for golfers and business professionals.​


Comes with a waterpfoof canopy and classical strong frame, this product is perfect for rain sun protection and promotional use.


Made for daily use by travelers or business professionals. The umbrellas come with the perfect small size, strength.


Made of rain forced RPET fabric and eco friendly wood handle, this product is absolutely ideal for rain protection and also for coporate events.


This umbrella is sturdy, portable, and supported by anti-UV canopy to protect you from sunlight on the beach. Ideal for hotel, market, outdoor events.


The premium umbrella comes with tassels and a wooden or aluminum pole, perfect for people who desire a fashionable leisure life.

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We believe a quality branded umbrella is an excellent way to market your brand cost-effectively, and all our umbrellas are competitively priced. We have the perfect corporate umbrella for your business, regardless of the occasion or your particular personal taste and budget. We love to share our knowledge and experience with those who love umbrellas. We always strive to learn new, innovative things and push ourselves and each other to improve, become an experienced person as well as better people.

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Everything You Need To Know About Promotional Beach Umbrella

A day at the beach is a holiday fantasy that many beach walkers look forward to. You can add to your customers’ beach fantasies by handing them a durable promotional beach umbrella. Even on vacation, they will remember you. Logo printed beach umbrellas not only provide more space to imprint your brand message, they also cover your head nicely. This type of branded umbrella will not only make people think highly of you, but it will also make them loyal customers. A portable, custom printed beach umbrella is a must for everyone who loves to surf. It is a must-have

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Guide for the best beach umbrella with wooden pole

A guide to the best beach umbrella with wooden pole: There is a wide variety of beach umbrellas on the market. You can have a great range of options. The distinction by pole material is usually iron, aluminum, and wood beach umbrellas. The wooden beach umbrella is just one of the specially designed sunshades. The wooden pole umbrella is the perfect classic and premium beach umbrella. These umbrellas are undoubtedly durable and rust-resistant qualities, and wood products always have a natural affinity, which may prove to be the key to the best sunshades. These umbrellas are relatively stronger compared to aluminum or steel pole

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The 5 Custom Points For Fringed Beach Umbrellas

The 5 Custom Points For Fringed Beach Umbrellas The fringed beach umbrella collection is the high-end product we are currently launching. In Australia, the US and European markets have received positive feedback. Especially the wooden fringed beach umbrellas.B&R Umbrella is a professional umbrella manufacturer. This article will give a summary of this range of products. Hopefully giving you more clarity will help you with your purchases. 5 Points for Customizing Your Fringed Beach Umbrellas Not everyone is born an artist, so you might not know where to start. These are the most important things to keep in mind. Knowing enough about these points,

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